Top Mango Smoothie Recipes That Are Simple And Healthy



I love mangoes and wanted to come up with some healthy mango smoothie recipes that taste amazing and are also super healthy.  

The mango is native to South Asia (e.g. India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.).  It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, and the national tree of Bangladesh.

I’m going to give you 13 different superfood smoothie recipes that all use Mangos!  

There were a few different criteria points I used when creating these recipes:

  1. They all contain mango (or frozen mango)
  2. They all contain vegetables
  3. They all contain superfoods
  4. They all needed to be simple to make
  5. They had to taste great.

You can click on any of these recipes to go to the actual recipe page.  On this page, I have the nutrition facts listed.  Some of the recipes give you some options for ingredients that you can choose from.  The nutrition facts panels displayed will get automatically updated when you adjust the recipe to what you want.

I personally live in Minnesota (no mangos are grown here), so I buy frozen mangos in bulk and just keem them on-hand.

What are the Benefits of Smoothies with Mangos?

Mangoes contain a significant amount of Vitamin C and Folate (B9).  They contain numerous phytochemicals, polyphenols, and carotenoids (all various types of antioxidants).

Mangoes have been linked to benefiting asthma prevention (due to beta-carotene), cancer prevention (prostate, colon, breast, lung, and leukemia in particular) (due to high levels of pectin), digestion enzymes, acne and skin health, anti-aging, brain health, and immune boosting.

Mangoes have also been known throughout history as an aphrodisiac.

We score mangoes high for 18 different health goals.  The scores are out of 100 points and based on research published via  If you want to read more about all the scientific research about the health benefits of mangoes, and how we came up with our scores, then visit this page: link

  • Leukemia:94
  • Brain: 90
  • Cancer: 90
  • Memory: 90
  • Immune System: 88
  • Inflammation: 88
  • Colon Health: 88
  • Diabetes (Type 2): 88
  • Gastrointestinal: 88
  • Prostate: 88
  • Thyroid: 87
  • Blood Pressure: 86
  • Pain: 86
  • Allergy: 86
  • Liver: 84
  • HIV: 84
  • Herpes: 84
  • Parkinson’s: 81

Superfood Smoothie Recipes with Mango:

You can click on any of the images below to take you to the page with the recipe.  On that page, we list all the nutrition information about that recipe, and score the recipe for all the top health goals that it may benefit.  

These recipes are all super healthy and taste amazing.  Each uses 1 tbsp of one of our superfood mix per 12 oz of smoothie you are making.  Our superfood mixes make it really simple to add 9 additional superfoods to your smoothie … making it super healthy … a “superfood smoothie” instead of just a regular smoothie.

If you like really fruity smoothies, look for the recipes below that have grapes.  We use grapes as our liquid source in these recipes and it makes the smoothie taste amazing (if you are looking for a fruitier recipe).  You can use either green grapes or red grapes, but we have you adding whole grapes and not grape juice – because whole grapes have health benefits that grape juice does not have.

If you like your smoothie a little more mellow and not so fruit forward, try the recipes that use almond milk as the liquid instead of grapes.  You can use any milk / milk alternative of your choice, we just defaulted it to be almond milk.

Uses Ancient Greens

This is a green smoothie recipe with mangos, but is super fruity.  It’s one that most people like (including kids)!

Ingredients include: Grapes, Mango, Strawberries, Spinach, Lemon, and Ancient Greens Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Berry

This is another fruitier mango smoothie recipe.  It’s well liked by most people, including kids!  It’s a little less ‘grassy’ than the Mango Greens recipe due to the different superfood mix that we use.

Ingredients include: Grapes, Mango, Blueberries, Spinach, Lemon, and Ancient Berry Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Greens

Lime, Kiwi, and Mango … Yum!

But we also have spinach and green superfoods in there.  This recipe is very fruity and delicious!

Ingredients Include: Grapes, Kiwi, Mango, Spinach, Lime, and Ancient Greens Superfood Mix. 

Uses Ancient Berry

While not our best smoothie photography, don’t let the picture of the smoothie fool you.  This recipe is great.  How this recipe works is that you are given options for what fruit to use.  When you click the above image for the recipe, scroll down to the section titled, “Nutrition Facts of Recipe” to view the various options.

Uses Ancient Berry

This is one of my personal favorite recipes, but that’s because I love cranberries in my smoothie.  It adds a tartness that I’m a huge fan of.  This is a very fruity recipe.

Ingredients Include: Grapes, Cranberries, Cherries, Spinach, and Ancient Berry Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Berry

When watermelon is in season, try this recipe.  You can also try it without carrots … they are added because carrots have potential benefits to Parkinson’s disease.

Ingredients Include: Watermelon, Mango, Blueberries, Carrots, Lemon, and Ancient Berry Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Berry or Ancient Chocolate

This recipe uses an almond milk as the liquid base, where the mango greens and sweet mango blueberries use grapes as the liquid base.  So this recipe won’t be as sweet.

Ingredients Include: Almond Milk, Beet, Spinach, Mint Leaves, Mango, Medjool Dates, Vanilla Extract, and either Ancient Berry or Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Berry

Uses green tea as the liquid, which has countless health benefits.  Really good if you like both green tea and fruit!

Ingredients Include: Green Tea, Blueberries, Cherries, Mango, Spinach, and Ancient Berry Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Berry

This is recipe is one of our unique recipes that is really good and really healthy.  It tastes like candy canes and uses mango!

Ingredients Include: Almond Milk, Mango, Banana, Spinach, Medjool Dates, Peppermint Extract, and Ancient Berry Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Greens

If you like mint chocolate chip icecream, then you have to try this recipe. 

Different from your typical fruit smoothie, this recipe is more like a desert.

Ingredients include: Almond Milk, Banana, Medjool Dates, Spinach, Mango, Peppermint Extract, Dark Chocolate Chips, and Ancient Greens Superfood Mix.

Uses Ancient Greens

A “CappuGreeno” is a Superfood Smoothie with Coffee Beans.  If you like coffee and mint chocolate chip ice cream, then give this recipe a try!

Ingredients include: Almond Milk, Coffee Beans, Banana, Medjool Dates, Spinach, Mango, Peppermint Extract, Dark Chocolate Chips, and Ancient Greens Superfood Mix.


Additional Resources

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Uncle Jerry

Uncle Jerry lost 70 lbs in 7 months.  It’s been over 2.5 years and he is still going strong!

Uncle Jerry did a smoothie detox his first 4 weeks (only drank superfood smoothies, no food).  After that, he followed the “intermediate option”.

“Not Hungry.  Lost 13lbs in 1 Month.  Increased Energy.  No Low Blood Sugar.”

A testimonial from one of our customers who we met at a nutrition conference in Portland. Her daughter is an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and recommended our smoothies to her mom when the smoothie recipes she was making were spiking her blood sugar and making her hungry.

Jerry was told by his doctor that he was about to go on blood pressure medication if he didn’t change what he was doing.

Matt Fitzgerald (co-founder of My Nutrition Advisor) hired Jerry (owner of a print brokerage firm called Smart Spend Media Inc) to print our smoothie Recipe Book. While Jerry was helping get the recipe book production-ready for print, he started taking the advice of the book and made his first superfood smoothie. In just 6-8 weeks, Jerry lost 25 lbs and lowered his blood pressure. His doctor visit after that went excellent and no blood pressure was prescribed!

Oasis to Zen Spa Owner, Cheri Petroni

“I lost 50 lbs, skin cleared up, and got off anti-depressents, just by using superfood smoothies.”

“These Recipes fixed by Hypothyroid”

“My hypothyroid was so bad that I would go to my car and sleep when I had a break at work. I was a cheerleader for many years including all through high school and for a professional team. I have had such low energy and weight gain the last few years that I had to give up cheer-leading.”


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