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Our Company

Our Company
How it began

“ It all started in 2011 when I called my cousin, Dr. John Fitzgerald, seeking some weight loss advice.  At the time, I was just a regular business guy with little knowledge about real wellness.  Opposite from me, John had spent most of his life practicing natural medicine – working with various types of patients for weight loss, athletic performance, diabetes, and general health.

When I called, I was honest and told John that I wasn’t willing to exercise or give up happy hours.

Fortunately, John had a perfect solution for me – replace 1 meal per day with 1 Superfood Smoothie.  He explained that the superfood smoothie was super high in nutrition and super low in calories, which would help balance out what I was doing at happy hours.  He gave me a few of his recipes, had me buy a blender along with 20 different bags of superfoods, and I got started.

Everything was going great. I loved making smoothies from the very start!

Except for one thing: John’s recipes called for so many different superfoods that it was taking me too much time to make.  So after a while, I was just adding chia seeds.

When John called to check up on my progress, I admitted that I wasn’t adding all the superfoods.  He was less than pleased with me.  I jokingly said to him, “How about I send you all these superfoods, you can mix them up for me, and then you can send them back to me along with new standardized recipes that use the mix?”  And he jokingly responded back with, “If I do that, then you can package everything and sell them for me.”  We then paused, laughed, and said to each other: “Hey, why don’t we do that? That’s a great idea!

So this is how we embarked in this exciting My Nutrition Advisor journey. We are so happy to share with you this way of living a healthy life through superfood smoothies. ”

Matt Fitzgerald, Co-founder


We aspire to help people lead healthy lives through natural solutions that people will actually follow.  Years of experience has shown that superfood smoothies are the best long term approach for most people, because they are high in nutrition, low in calories, simple to make, and taste great.  We develop our recipes to use researched-based foods that target specific health problems and goals.

Our Values


Highest Quality Products

Our superfoods and protein products are certified organic, non-gmo verified, gluten free and heavy metals tested by 3rd party units.  Everything is blended and packaged in FDA registered facilities in the USA.  We carefully select ingredients and formulate products to assure consumption of the best superfoods and protein on the planet.


Honesty, Integrity & Ethics

This business was created from our desire to help and contribute to this world.  We run this business as if all customers and partners are family. What we want for us, we want for you.


Solutions That Work

Our solutions are research-based and developed after years and years of testing.  We believe long term problems can only be solved with solutions that people can easily follow.


Meet our team


Matt Fitzgerald, MS, MBA


Matt comes with 15 years of experience working with various Fortune 100 companies in business consulting, technology, and engineering.  Much of his professional career was spent with Accenture and Best Buy, where he developed a successful digital distribution business.

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Dr. John Fitzgerald, DC


John has over 20 years experience as a practicing doctor. He is a well-known expert in nutritional medicine, has written three books and developed the health protocols for My Nutrition Advisor.

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