Acerola Cherries are useful for Fat Loss

Acerola cherries a native to Brazil, Central America, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South America.

Acerola cherries have huge amounts of antioxidants.  They are well-known for having 13 times more vitamin C than oranges.  They also contain other vitamins such as A, B1, B2, and B3.


Fat Loss and Diabetes

One of the interesting studies show that the polyphenols in acerola cherries has a lowering effect on blood sugar.  When blood sugar is lowered, it has a positive effect on both diabetes and weight loss.  You can read the study here:


Sleep Improvements for Quality and Duration

They may help people who suffer with insomnia.  They help your body produce melatonin, which is the “sleeping hormone”.  With more melatonin, you can improve how long you sleep and the quality of your sleep.

Here is a study:


Other studies on animals and lab studies have had positive benefits on Diabetes, General Cancer, Lung Cancer and Skin Health.


What are the best ways to eat Acerola Cherries?

Acerola Cherries are not easy to find and are costly if you live in the United States.  That is why I recommend acerola cherry powder.  The powder is made drying the fruit at low temperatures to keep their enzymes alive.  It is very concentrated powder, so it is important to only buy organic and NON GMO verified products.

I use the acerola cherry powder to add to smoothies.  Here is the best brand and product to use:

Ancient Berry Superfood Mix from My Nutrition Advisor contains acerola cherries, flax seeds, chia seeds, beet powder, pomegranate powder, goji berry powder, acai berry powder, camu camu powder and macqui berry powder.


Smoothie Recipes

Here is a list of superfood smoothie recipes that contain the Ancient Berry mix with acerola cherry powder:



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