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Coupon Code Overview

You have an affiliate coupon code that is assigned just to you.  If you don’t remember what that is, scroll down to the FAQ section to find out how to look it up.

Your coupon code is used in 2 ways:

  1. Customers use it to receive a 5% discount; which also earns you a 30% commission.
  2. You can use it yourself to receive a 30% immediate discount.  

When your customers use your affiliate coupon code:

When you tell people about My Nutrition Advisor, tell them to use your affiliate coupon code to get 5% off their orders.  For autoship orders, your coupon code gets applied to both the up-front order as well as the recurring orders!

When your coupon code is used on our website, we are able to tie that customer to you for lifetime commissions.  This means that anytime the customer orders (with or without your code), you will earn commission.  To learn a little more about the details on how lifetime commissions work, scroll down to the FAQ section of this page.

When you use your own affiliate coupon code for a self-order:

If you are ordering for yourself, login to the website.  Then use your own coupon code.  You will receive a 30% off immediate discount!  

The website is smart enough to understand that when your affiliate coupon code is used by anybody but you, that it is worth 5% and earns you commission.  But when you use the code yourself, it is worth 30% off immediately, and doesn’t earn you commission (since your “commission” is taken off the purchase price of the products you are ordering).

Affiliate Link Overview

Affiliate links are also known as “cookie tracking” and are what most bloggers and online marketers use.  

We have cookie tracking setup for 60 days with lifetime commissions enabled. 

This means that when someone clicks on your affiliate link, the person has 60 days to make a purchase.  When they do this, you earn commission on that order plus any other order the customer makes … for life … even if they never click on your affiliate link again!  To learn a little more about the details on how lifetime commissions work, scroll down to the FAQ section of this page.

With an affiliate link, you don’t need the customer to use a coupon in order to receive credit for a sale.  

We recommend posting both an affiliate link and your affiliate coupon code … that way you are double protected to ensure you get commissions on your referrals.

Do you know what your affiliate link is?  It’s simple, just take any url from our website that you want to send traffic to and append it with “/#[your coupon code]. 

For example, if your coupon code is mattfitz … and you want to send traffic to our homepage … then post this link:

If you still have questions, we explain this a little further in the FAQ section of this page.

Banner Images

Here are some banners you can use to post on social media or on your website.  Simply right click the image and “save as” to your coupon and post it.  

We will email everyone as more banner images are created.  

These images are optimally sized for Facebook.  Many of our recipes also have great images that are not posted here.  If you want to use those, just go the recipe you like, and click the facebook share icon in the floating sidebar and you will see the image we have available for that recipe.

Have a website?  Here are banners for the most popular sizes …

250 x 250:

300 x 250:

336 x 280:

300 x 600:

160 x 600:

728 x 90:

970 x 250:

320 x 50:

These banners are for promoting adding superfoods to your keto coffee.  This is the link to our keto coffee recipe that we recommend these banners point to: 

250 x 250:


336 x 280:

300 x 600:

728 x 90:

970 x 250:

160 x 600:


When you registered for an affiliate account, you created a unique coupon code in our systems.  This is the code that you give to your customers.

Your affiliate link is simply any URL on our website, followed by /#[yourcode].  For example, if your code is mattfitz and wanted to send a customer to our homepage, you would send your customer to

If you don’t remember your coupon code:

1.) Access your affiliate portal here: link
2.) You’ll see your affiliate code here (in the example below, the affiliate coupon code is “MattFitz”):

When you login to our website, the website recognized you as an affiliate.  You’ll know the website understands your an affiliate because you’ll see this at the top of your screen:

If you do not see that top drop down box:
1.) Validate you are logged into the website.
2.) Then if you are logged in – email us at  

The most common reasons you may not see this:
1.) You might have registered for a different email address than what you are currently logged in as.
2.) You are an older affiliate of ours.  When we switched websites back in 2017, we did not carry over our customer data to the new website.  Your business account is still active, but we need to you create a new account on our website.
3.) I messed up and forgot to flip your account to a business account.

Ok … back to the primary question … How do I purchase for myself?

All you need to do is purchase using your own affiliate coupon code.  Your affiliate coupon code will give you an immediate 30% discount.  That same code will only give your customers a 5% discount, but the website is smart enough to know who you are and to give you 30% off.

You do not earn an additional commission on self-orders.  On a self-order, you get a 30% off immediate discount instead of being paid back a commission. 

Do not place an order under your own account. 

Instead, you need to ‘pretend’ like you are your client and place the order.  This means you will use their email address, make up a password, use your own affiliate coupon code.  

Why?  Because of auto-ship.  It’s a nightmare to manage subscriptions and support people unless your clients have their own accounts that their orders are under.  Plus, I’m pretty sure there are technical issues if you have multiple autoship subscriptions that get shipped to different addresses.

Yes.  They can’t use 2 affiliate coupon codes because we wouldn’t know who to give the commission to.  But if we ever send out a coupon from My Nutrition Advisor, they can use your affiliate coupon code in addition to ours.

There are 2 ways in which we track sales:

1. Affiliate Links (e.g. Anchor Links / Cookie Tracking):
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, our website will put a cookie on that user’s computer for 60 days – which is how we track that person’s sale back to you.

We have lifetime commissions as well … so lets say that a user clicks on your affiliate link … then buys 45 days later … then buys again 6 months later (but didn’t re-click on your affiliate link) … you’ll still earn the commission because we have attached that user to you for life* when they made their intial purchase using your link.

Your affiliate link is simply any url on our website, then end it with /#[your coupon code].  Here’s an example … lets say you coupon code is MattFitz.  Instead of sending people to, I would send people to

Make sense?  You can always email us with questions:

2. Coupon Codes: 

This is also known as “the offline method”. 

When you registered to be an affiliate, you created a coupon code.  You can give that coupon code out.  When that coupon code is used, it gives your customers 5% off their order and tracks the commission back to you.

We have lifetime commissions as well … so even if the customer doesn’t use your coupon code again, you’ll still earn commissions on their purchases!*

*We will re-assign customers to the most recent affiliate they are tied to.  So if someone clicks on your link or uses your coupon code, but they were already assigned to a different affiliate, they will be reassigned to you.

When a user makes a purchase with your coupon code or your affiliate link, that user gets tied to you.

So we aren’t just tying commission for the order to you … we are tying the actual customer to you.  

This means that you’ll get credit for any future purchases the customer makes.

Most companies may advertise “lifetime commissions”, but if you read the fine print – there’s always a ‘gotcha’.  The most common gotcha is that the fine print will say something like, “for the life of the subscription”.  That’s not really “lifetime commissions” now is it?  Because here’s what those companies will do … after awhile, they will start upselling the customer or offer a better/different subscription plan.  When that happens – you’re out.  

Our “lifetime commissions” are setup to really be lifetime.  Users can change plans, buy additional product, etc. and you’ll still earn commissions – whether they are using your code or not!

The only scenario that you need to be aware of, is that the customer is tied to the most recent affiliate they interacted with.  Here’s an example – a customer clicks on your affiliate link and buys something on month 1, month 2, and month 4.  But then that customer clicks on someone else’s affiliate link in month 5.  That customer is then re-assigned to the new affiliate.  

In other words, the affiliate with the most recent contact with the customer is the one who gets credit for the sale.


  • No targeting of discount keywords such as “vital paws promo code”
  • No bidding on Vital Paws or Paws Fur Cause keywords on Bing, Yahoo, Google, or any other advertising platform.
  • No spam.
  • No google ads promotions.
  • No posting your code on coupon code websites (e.g. retailmenot, slickdeals, whootdeals, couponcabin, etc.)

I’ll make it simple – the coupon code is meant for you to give to your existing network.  

We pay once per month, by the 15th of each month.

Commissions are paid as long as you have earned at least $50 in commission.  If you haven’t earned at least $50 in commission … don’t worry, your commissions will just keep rolling into the following months until you do reach $50 in commission.

To account for returns, commission is earned 30 days after the sale takes place.  As an example, lets say a customer purchases product on August 20th.  Commission would be earned for this sale on September 20th.  September earned commission would be eligible to be paid in September.

If you have not earned commission over the course of 3 consecutive months, My Nutrition Advisor reserves the right to decommission your affiliate account. 

On your first commission payment, you will be asked to setup direct deposit with our 3rd party payment provider,  Setting up direct deposit is completely free for you to do.

If you are earning $500 or more in commissions per month, you may request to have a physical check sent in place of direct deposit.  

We do not set you up for payment until you have earned your first commission. 

No.  If we did, our business model would be called a “multi level marketing” model, and we are not that.

We do however, work with select people to be sales rep to help us acquire new affiliates – and pay those people a commission on all sales from the affiliates they refer.  But we limit these select people to only those who we believe can refer at least 50 affiliates and have the experience to manage these affiliates.

If you are interested in becoming a commissioned sales rep and have the ability to recruit 50 or more affiliates, please email us at

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