Are you promoting a Garbage Nutrition Product on social media?

Social media provides a great platform for people who know little to nothing about nutrition to promote products that are for the most part filled with a bunch of cheap crap that is not good for you.  The first thing I do when picking up a product is to make sure it has these 2 stamps:  Most products can be eliminated very quickly because they will not have these 2 stamps.







The common marketing trick

Don’t be fooled with before and after pictures.  They don’t tell the whole story.  What type of strategy did they use to achieve the weight loss?

Here is how you can tell if the person will likely gain all the weight back (click here)


Did the person lose weight by consuming healthy or unhealthy ingredients?  Did the person completely overlook what these unhealthy ingredients do to you long term?

For instance, you can lose weight just eating chemical laden foods, but that doesn’t mean eating chemical laden foods is even remotely good for you.  If your food is full of chemicals, you have a much higher likelihood of ending up with cancer and a few other autoimmune diseases.


Below is a list of 10 ten ingredients that I tell my patients to avoid when purchasing a Nutrition Shake, Meal Replacement or Protein Powder.  Look on the back label of the product.  If it contains any of these ingredients, I tell my patients not to buy it:


  1. Acesulfame Potassium

    – an artificial sweetener. I avoid all the artificial sweeteners.

  2. Aspartame

    – an artificial sweetener that has been controversial for many years.

  3. Casein protein

    – a form of dairy protein that is a common allergen and is mucus forming. Companies try to put a spin on this protein by saying it is slow digesting, rather than pointing out that many people have digestive issues when they use it.

  4. Maltodextrin from Corn

    – a digestive resistance carbohydrate, usually made from GMO corn. Imagine what that does to your digestion.

  5. Milk Protein including nonfat dry milk

    – lots of people have full blown dairy allergies and many other people have underlying dairy allergies that can cause many symptoms in the body. Mucus formation is a common problem seen with dairy.

  6. Natural or artificial flavor

    – if the product does not contain a listing of exactly what it contains, it is probably MSG, which should be avoided.

  7. Soy Protein

    – this was popular at one time until it was discovered that soy influences estrogen levels and is also a top allergen. The reason it is still in some products is because it is cheap.

  8. Sucralose

    – an artificial sweetener that is controversial. The reasons many people and doctors do not like sucralose is that they make an argument for two reasons.  They believe sucralose kills the good probiotics that live in your gut, which are necessary for the immune system, brain chemicals, and vitamin production.  Also, people with low probiotics have a tendency to be obese.  B. They believe sucralose competes with iodine on the thyroid gland, which can ultimately affect your thyroid and metabolism.

  9. Sunflower oil

    – this is an oil high in omega 6 fatty acids. You must maintain a balance between omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  The population in general has way too many omega 6’s and not enough omega 3’s.  Sunflower oil makes the ratio worse.  It is put in products because it is cheap.

  10. Whey Protein concentrate

    – this is the cheapest form of whey. It is a dairy product and causes gastrointestinal distress is many people.  If you are going to use whey protein, buy an isolate with no artificial flavorings.  Personally, I use vegetable based protein in smoothies.



Isn’t it time for companies to stop promoting products that are filled with ingredients that cause a bunch of health problems?



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