Athletic Performance Superfood Smoothie Challenge

Learn how to increase athletic performance the 28 Day Athletic Performance Superfood Smoothie Challenge. This seminar gives an easy to follow plan based on using superfood smoothies for athletic performance.

This challenge was built on over 20 years of experience in the weight loss and Mixed Martial Arts industry as the strategy that is shown to work the best.

Dr. Fitzgerald has said that this was the plan that most people can actually stick to. When it comes to athletic performance, the plan that people actually stick to is the best plan.


Athletic Performance Superfood Smoothie Challenge Seminar


This is a simple, healthy way that makes it easy to stick with.

All our superfood smoothie recipes can be found for free on our website. These recipes were carefully crafted to be low calorie, filling, and extremely delicious.

This seminar features weight loss expert and co-founder of My Nutrition Advisor, Dr. John Fitzgerald.

Dr. John Fitzgerald has used intermittent fasting and superfood smoothies on over 10,000 patients since the early 1990’s and has authored books including Fat Loss The Truth, Nutrition Hacks The Truth, and a Superfood Smoothie Recipe Book.


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