How do Beets Kill Fungi?

Who would have thought that by adding beet root powder to a smoothie, you are adding a superfood that kills fungi.


Beets are well suited to kill fungi because of the environment they grow in.  Beets are a root vegetable, meaning that they grow underground.  This puts them directly into contact with fungi.  If beets did not have anti-fungal properties, they would not survive because they are born and raised while being in constant contact with fungi.


How to do beets kill fungi?

Beets contain betacyanins, which are pigments that have strong health benefits.  One benefit is that they help to destroy the cell walls of fungi.  The part of the cell wall that is destroyed is called the chitin.  When the chitin is destroyed, the cell wall is punctured, which allows the fungus to die off.


Beets are not the only fruit or vegetable that kills fungi

Berries contain proanthocyanidins that have similar antifungal properties to the betacyanins found in beets.  Plants have to develop protective mechanisms against microorganisms in order to survive.

These protective mechanisms are very obvious is the animal world.  Think of a skunk with its ability to spray a horrible smell or a porcupine covered in spears or a frog with poisonous skin.  There are numerous examples in nature.

Plants, fruits and vegetables have also developed these protective mechanisms.  When we eat them, we help ourselves.  If you have a fungal infection, eating plants that contain higher levels of antifungal ingredients, such as beets, will help your body kill off the fungal infection.

On the other hand, if you eat sugar and drink alcohol, you are assisting the fungi in your body and making it harder for your immune system to kill off the fungi.


What about Iodine?

Doctors have long used iodine for its disinfecting properties.  Iodine has strong antifungal properties.  It is very common for people to be deficient in iodine, which is a mineral that is essential for health.  When a person has a fungal infection, they should consider taking iodine.


Oregano is a powerful herb

Another plant that should be mentioned is oregano.  Oregano is a plant that has developed some very strong anti-fungal properties.

I have used oregano oil as my first line of defense against infections since I discovered it in the early 1990’s.  I don’t take oregano daily or recommend people take it daily.  However, if you are sick with a fungal infection, such as most infections involving the upper respiratory system and sinuses, oregano is a great choice.

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