The Best Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast

Smoothies are considered the best source for a healthy breakfast in today’s busy schedule when we no longer have time to spend making breakfast in the morning. These smoothies are made of fresh fruits and vegetables and hence considered as quickest, simplest and freshest way to get benefits of having a bunch of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods needed to start the day. However, a majority of people are used to having cereal, toast or a bar for breakfast. But is it healthy and efficient to meet the nutritional demand of your body? Of course, not. The kind of meal that consists of cereal or bread are high in sugar and calories with low nutritional value. On the other hand, smoothies are an excellent way of consuming an optimum amount of fiber, nutrition and energy into the body.

The benefits of having smoothies are totally dependent on the ingredients that are used. Not all smoothies are made similar or have same texture or the same flavor. There is a huge difference between a smoothie consisting of fruit and yogurt vs. a smoothie consisting of a good balance of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods. The trick is to make your breakfast smoothie super healthy without compromising on taste. And to the surprise of some, healthy smoothie recipes and both be high on nutritional value and taste great.

Most of you might have this question in your mind, “what exactly does a healthy smoothie recipe contain?” Or “what makes them a perfect meal for a weight loss regimen?” Well, the answer is:

  • It consists of a balanced amount of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods
  • Smoothies should taste so good that it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine and serve as a long term strategy that you can easily stick to.
  • They are loaded with the foods and superfoods that target your specific health goals.

The best superfood smoothie recipes will help you reach your health goals effectively in short period of time. But as discussed previously, the trick is to pick the right ingredients for your healthy smoothie recipes. For an instance, if your alcohol consumption has been too much in last few days, then I would suggest you to add ingredients in your smoothie that can benefit liver. So pick ingredients like coffee, almonds, turmeric, etc. which can help revitalize your liver metabolism.

If you need help understanding which ingredients to add based on your health goals, you can visit this website [link?] where you can choose your health goal, and it will list the top smoothie ingredients for that goal, along with the top healthy smoothie recipes that use those ingredients.  Don’t worry, the list covers more than 50 health conditions and has at least 5 different healthy smoothie recipes for them.

Or maybe instead of picking a smoothie recipe based on the health goal that you are trying to target, you instead want to pick out recipes that contain your favorite ingredients.  For example, if you are craving mangoes, then you can go to this website, and simply filter your search by ingredients to find 13 different healthy smoothie recipes that contain mangoes!

My personal favorite from this list is Mango Greens Superfood Smoothie – but your favorite might be different.  Check out the Mango greens Superfood recipe here: Link.

This smoothie is a perfect blend of flavor, texture and color obtained from frozen Mangoes, frozen strawberries, fresh grapes, spinach and lemon. We then add Ancient Greens Superfood Mix to this smoothie – which contains the superfoods like chia seeds, wheatgrass, moringa, turmeric, etc.  The key is to add these ingredients in a proper quantity so that their nutritional value doesn’t get flushed while making it taste good. Here is a list of ingredients needed to prepare this superfood Mango greens smoothie:

Makes ~12oz.

1 tbsp : Ancient Greens Superfood Mix

3/4 cup : Grapes (fresh)

1/2 cup : Mango (frozen)

1/4 cup : Strawberries (frozen)

1/2 cup : Spinach (raw)

1/2 : Lemon (thin slice with peel)

1/4 cup : Water

1/4 – 1/2 cup : Ice

Simply put all these ingredients in a blender and blend. Add ice and water as you like.  The above superfoods smoothie recipe is a good starting point for your morning. After blending, pour the smoothie into a glass and have it as your breakfast. It is advised to not add artificial sweeteners or sugars to the smoothie to keep it as a clean healthy detox drink scoring high on flavor and nutritional value.


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