Blueprint to Overcome Addiction

Article by Kelly Fisher

My name is Kelly Fisher. I have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist for over 20yrs. Helping people change their lives. I’ve also studied human behavior and how the mind works my whole life. So I have a few techniques that I’ve developed over the years. First to let you know conceptually how your mind and your thought process works. So you can understand where you need to go mentally to get out of addiction. It’s important to get this down conceptually first. It’s like a mental blueprint to refer back to when the road to recovery gets confusing and frustrating. Then the real work really begins. Where you roll up your sleeves and really find out what makes you tick.

For now I want you to understand Conceptually, where you need to go Mentally. Through a technique I’ve developed called:

“ZOOM OUT” The 6 Levels of Magnifications to Clarity.


Addiction: This the lowest level of magnification. Where you are to close to the problem to fix the problem. Your out of focus. Meaning your conscious thought pattern IS the part of you thats addicted and out of control. You can’t fix the addicted conscious mind with the addicted conscious mind. It’s like trying to fix the broken screwdriver with the broken screwdriver. It can’t be done. So we “ZOOM OUT”

Addictive Personality: You see we’ve already taken one step back in focus. Now the addiction and the person are separate. Very important distinction to understand as we “ZOOM OUT”. Now we’re looking at the behavior and the person separately. The behavior will eventually fix itself when you get the person back on track and in control.

Ego and You: As we “ZOOM OUT” further, you’ll start to see that your personality, your ego and who you really are, are not the same either. Unfortunately up until now, you probably thought they were the same. Thats why when people said bad things about your behavior you were offended. Because you thought you were your behavior. This is where we start to untangle your problems from who you really are. The word personality comes from the word persona. Which means mask. It’s a fake front. It’s who most people think they are. Your ego is just made up opinions from other people and yourself.

The Real You: When you “ZOOM OUT” beyond the behavior. When you “ZOOM OUT” beyond the personality. When you “ZOOM OUT” beyond the ego. You will start to realize there is this person called “I”. The Eternal “I” that stands behind all this chaos and calmly awaits for you to join forces with it. Your life as you thought you knew it, is about to change at this point.

Square One: You will then learn to “ZOOM OUT” to the place where all of your thought process starts. This is the only true place to cure addiction. Right where it all spun out of control in the first place. I like to call it the “Fork in the Road” technique. You’ll get to a place where you actually choose your thoughts, instead of being run by them. Very empowering place to be. Learn to choose your thoughts, learn to choose your actions and your behavior will follow.

Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz: It’s time to pull back the curtain and show the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz. Yes exactly like the movie. You pull back the curtain and see an older version of yourself pulling all the levers. Meaning you’ve been in control, in charge of the show this whole time. Deep down inside you know this. Thats why at some level this rings true to you. You’ll get to a place of knowing. You’ll feel safe. You’ll feel it in your soul. It will feel like home.


The answers to all of life’s problems are at this starting point. You have to look inwards to find YOUR truth. To find YOUR answers. Call it meditation, call it contemplation. There are 100 names for it, and 100 more techniques to get you there. The most important lesson to learn from all these modalities is that their all pointing to the exact same place. Your internal control room. It’s called the cave in meditation. Where your thought starts and where your creation process begins. It’s the place where you truly design and guide your life.

Now at some point in your recovery process, you’ll have questions that come up. Like what are you afraid of? What are you running from? What are you hiding from? What are you scared of? What are you numbing yourself from? All legitimate questions that will have to be eventually answered.

Remember, “You Can’t Fix a Broken Screwdriver with a Broken Screwdriver”. It’s time to “ZOOM OUT”. Turn up the light and examine your issues.

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