Doctor Instructions for Allergies – Protocol for Food & Supplements

Summary of Allergy Instructions:

There are specific Foods and Supplements that you should be eating to reduce allergies.

-You will drink one smoothie per day that contains the foods that help allergies…

-You will take the supplements that have been shown to help allergies…


Foods to eat for Allergies

List of foods can be found here:


Smoothie Recipes for Allergies:

These are smoothie recipes that contain the foods that you should be eating for allergies.

Candy Cane Superfood Smoothie Recipe: (click here)

Mint Chocolate Chunk Superfood Smoothie Recipe: (click here)

Sweet Kiwi Lime Superfood Smoothie Recipe: (click here) 

Hawaiian Greens Superfood Smoothie Recipe: (click here)


Buy these superfoods to add to the smoothies:

Ancient Greens Superfood Mix (click here)

Ancient Berry Superfood Mix (click here)

Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix (click here)

Smoothie Protein (click here)


Buy these Supplements to take for Allergies:

Histoplex – take 3-6 capsules twice per day between meals


In Closing…

Start consuming the smoothies and supplements immediately…

If you want to be healthy, you must modify and improve the nutrition that you feed your body…


Optional Reading:

Read these 3 articles about the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.  There are pointers in these articles that can further improve your health.

My Experience Doing the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (read article)

Ketogenic Diet Overview – A Beginner’s Guide (read article)

Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – with Meal Plan (read article)

We have included the option section so you can learn about ways to improve your health as easily and effortlessly as possible.  By eating a diet that is primarily plant based, utilizes intermittent fasting and superfoods, you are able to counteract and prevent most health care problems.  This diet plan is also the most effective way to control your weight, to lose weight and also reduce your appetite.

This diet plan was designed by doctors and refined by doctors who are in active practice.  This means that they are able to see what actually works with patients.


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