Doctor Instructions for Anemia – Protocol for Food & Supplements

An Anemia – protocol should be addressed with both food and supplements.  Below is a list of foods followed by a list of supplements.



There are specific Foods and Supplements that you should be eating for an Anemia – protocol.

-You will drink one smoothie per day that contains the foods with research for Anemia…

-You will take the supplements that have been shown to affect Anemia …



It is a problem with red blood cells.  There are not enough of them and some are not mature enough.  This makes you feel weak and tired because the red blood cells are not carrying enough oxygen.


Foods to eat for Anemia

The list of foods can be found here.  (If you click on each food, you can read the research on the government website called Pubmed)

Pumpkin seeds, Cacao powder, Spirulina powder, Cashews, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Spinach, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Medjool Dates, Pecans and Moringa Leaf…


Why drink a smoothie?

A smoothie allows you to consume a bunch of different superfoods on a Daily basis that can benefit your brain.  It is the easiest, cheapest and best tasting way to eat the target foods you need every day.


Smoothie Recipes for Anemia-Protocol

Full list of smoothie recipes on this page:

(There are 9 recipes here)


Buy these superfoods to add to the smoothies:

Ancient Greens Superfood Mix

Ancient Berry Superfood Mix

Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix

Smoothie Protein


Buy these Supplements to take for Anemia:

Iron Deficiency

Fe-Zyme – take 1 pill per day with food

B12 Deficiency

B12 2000 Lozenges –  take 2 lozenges per day

Betaine HP – take 1 pill in the middle of each meal.  This makes sure your food gets fully digested and helps produce intrinsic factor, which is necessary for B12 absorption.  Here is an article that explains how to dose this product: click here


Testimonial: (Eating the right food made all the difference)

Read this article and watch the testimonial. (Anemia improved in One Week)

Eating the right foods for anemia can make all the difference in your outcome.  If you want to stop being tired, you must make the decision to do everything you can to change it.

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