Very Easy Diet Trick

I have seen somewhere around 10,000 weight loss patients.  One thing is for sure is that you have to find out what you can stick with as a long term solution.  This is a very easy diet trick that is good for people who want to incorporate some healthier food into their lifestyle, but also want to keep eating the foods they enjoy.

Many people focus on a short term fat loss accelerator rather than a long term strategy.  If you want long term success, you need to develop habits and routines that support success such as this easy diet trick.

Below is a very easy diet trick that I have had several patients use with success.  You may find that it really works for you also.


This study gave me an idea

Many years ago, I came across a study that showed people lost weight when they at a bowl of soup before their meals.  The soup was broth based and low calorie.  What was theorized was that by eating the soup, you partially fill the stomach which reduces how much food you eat after you finish the soup.  It is also believed that by eating the soup, your stomach sends a message to your brain to switch off hunger, which helps you not to overeat.


What is the easy diet trick I used?

I recommended a modification of the pre-meal bowl of soup to a few patients who were struggling.  My recommendation was simply this: Drink a one serving superfood smoothie before your meals.

Do this before lunch and/or dinner.  Drink a one serving superfood smoothie.  Then have a small meal.  (I usually have a Keto Superfood Coffee for breakfast, skip lunch and then have the superfood smoothie before dinner).  You will find that:

#1  You eat less at the meal. 

Maybe you were going to have pizza for dinner and you normally eat 4 large pieces, but when you drink the smoothie first, you are satisfied by eating the smoothie followed by one piece of pizza.

If you are into tracking your calories, think of it like this.

1 slice of pizza is 400 calories.

1 smoothie is 300 calories.

It will take 4 pieces of pizza to fill you up, which is 1600 calories.

If you eat the smoothie before the pizza, you will be full much, much faster.  1 smoothie and 1 piece of pizza is 700 calories.  You just saved yourself 900 calories and you will feel way better the rest of the day.

#2  You are healthier, because at each meal you start off by eating the healthiest foods known.  

When your body is malnourished, which is typical from the Standard American Diet, you have lots of food cravings.  When you have a superfood smoothie to start each meal, you eliminate the deficiencies and food cravings go away.

Note:  Many patients who were doing this strategy were having coffee or tea for breakfast.  I always recommend to have one sip of water for each sip of coffee.  Doing this hydrates your body.  It reduces hunger and overall makes you tolerate coffee on an empty stomach better.

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