Ending Anxiety

Article by Kelly Fisher

Definition of Anxiety:

First of all before we can define what anxiety is we must understand the importance of the mind and body connection. You will be learning to break what is called the “Anxiety Circle”. Meaning you must get in control of your physical body first. Through breath work and systematic relaxation of every muscle group.

The true definition of Anxiety. Where your physically at in your life situation and where your mind is racing to in the future. That gap between your body and where your mind is projected, IS Anxiety.

That is why we have to start to reduce anxiety with what we are in control of. You are always in control of your breath work. Even though sometimes when your mind is racing out of control it doesn’t feel like you are. You can always take 3 deep breaths and start the process of slowing your mind down to the speed you’re living.


Symptoms of Anxiety:

Unfortunately most symptoms of anxiety are too late in the process. Meaning once your heart is racing and your thoughts are completely out of control, it is much more difficult to stop the process. Note I said more difficult, not impossible.

The most common symptom is that feeling of over overthinking a problem, then the mind dumps that feeling into the body through tight and overworked muscles. Kicking in your “Fight or Flight” response which then in turn, the tight overworked muscles dump that tension back into the mind. Which starts racing even faster. You can see where this is going. That will eventually lead into a feeling of anxiety attack. That “Anxiety Circle” gets so tight through mind and body racing out of control that it feels like its attacking us.

You will learn how to break that “Anxiety Circle” by going to www.BestAnxietySolution.com


Causes for Anxiety:

While everyday stress in this modern world we live in is common place. You have to learn how to pinpoint when everyday stresses are starting to become overwhelming. Meaning the best way to stop anxiety is before it starts. Yes I know that sounds like a catch 22. It will be until you learn new techniques on how to break that “Anxiety Circle” before it starts. I will teach you those techniques through what I call the “Fork in the Road”. The “Fork in the Road” technique is part of the system I’ve developed to “Control-Reduce-End” Anxiety in your life for good.

There are to many external causes that can trigger anxiety to mention. The most important thing to understand is, how you process those external triggers with your Thought-Feeling-Emotion system. That determines how well you cope with any given situation that you find yourself in.

Learn to “Slow Your Mind Down to the Speed You’re Living” Thats the secret!

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