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Bekah Rieke, CHNC

About Bekah Rieke, CHNC:

Bekah Rieke is a CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach) trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting edge Health Coach Training Program and holds a Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Bekah coaches clients in the Twin Cities to achieve their health goals (e.g., weight loss, digestive concerns, emotional eating) through real food and sagely rediscovered body intelligence. She uses her passion for whole foods and her expertise in the kitchen, to help intelligent, creative, beautiful, and in-need-of-nourishment folks to transform their health and care for themselves by turning on the stove and learning to cook wholesome healthy food.

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Why do you recommend Superfood Smoothies?

Superfood smoothies are the best tool that modern living has to offer for getting your quota of daily nutrients through real food. A good superfood smoothie is nutrient-dense and an opportunity to load up on tons of nutrition and high-quality calories that will keep you sustained throughout the morning and day:  vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega 3s, other healthy fats like avocado, nut butter, and raw virgin coconut oil, fiber (from fruit and other super foods) carbs in the form of fruits and berries, greens and nuts, and healthy protein.

What is your greatest success story in helping another person get healthy?

I offer a testimonial from one of my clients as an answer to this question:  ““The best part about working with you is that I know that the whole foods I am eating are good for me and I am doing something good for myself.  I feel very in-control of my eating habits, which I don’t think I have ever felt before.  I feel great!  My energy is back up and my mind is very clear. Looking back, a year ago, I never would have thought I would be where I am and able to make the choices I am making.  Thank you so much for your help and support during my time in the discovery program. I truly think that working with you, and support from my family is what gave me the strength and courage to make a big change in my life, and I am no longer fearful of making changes to achieve happiness.”  Roxanne – St. Paul, MN

What is your passion?

I am passionate about cooking, real food, wholesome ingredients, and true nourishment.  When we give our bodies real food and real love, and learn to work with our bodies rather than against them, we free ourselves to live life to the fullest and to truly love ourselves, our families and our communities.  I love helping my clients to remember that they are amazing, beautiful, creative, intelligent people who may be momentarily overwhelmed, sidetracked, incapacitated, confused, in the mire, unsure or insecure. I love working with people to help them rediscover their personal power and fall in love with themselves all over again.

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