Dr. Jim Wright, D.D.S


Dr. Jim Wright, D.D.S

About Dr. Jim Wright, D.D.S:

Dr. Jim Wright was chosen as # 1 Dentist in Las Vegas, by locals, the past 4 years. Accredited by two International Academies, Jim Wright, DDS, AIAOMT, AIABDM considers the connection between your teeth, gums and whole body health. Patients of Four Seasons Dental Spa may undergo the safe removal of silver mercury amalgam fillings using Least Toxic, Least Reactive, BPA-Free material. He has received one-on-one training with world-famous, International Author, Speaker, and Immunologist Dr. Hal Huggins. He has completed every one of Dr. Huggins’ courses, including coursework in blood chemistry, biological dentistry, and safe mercury protocols. He has also studied with Dr. Blanche Grube, past president of the AIABDM. Dr. Wright’s offers many ways of holistically improving your smile such as Cosmetic Dentistry. Whether perfecting the smile with aesthetic dentistry or improving oral health, our methods take into account the impact dental work has on the body.

Dr. Wright has provided excellent Holistic Dental Care in the Las Vegas area since 2004, after practicing in Chicago for 15 years. Forming the vision for Four Seasons Dental Spa, with his wife Debby, fit right in with the commitment to helping people look and feel their best. It just made perfect sense to design a dental office in which positive experiences would take place. The goal was to eliminate a patient’s fear of visits to the dentist, and changes had to be made in the dental environment for this to happen. Today, Four Seasons Dental Spa is a comforting, relaxing, Holistic environment you will look forward to visiting and will exceed your expectations.


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