Dr. John Fitzgerald, DC, BS

Chiropractic Physician | Co-Founder, My Nutrition Advisor

Dr. John Fitzgerald, DC, BS

About Dr. John Fitzgerald, DC, BS:

Dr. John Fitzgerald is a Chiropractic Physician in Las Vegas, NV.  He also has a Bachelors of Science degree and is certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging.

He became involved in nutrition heavily in 1991 after his father was diagnosed with cancer.  This led to a lifelong pursuit of solutions to fix health problems using “Food as medicine”.

He has been practicing since 1994.  His practice focuses on wellness care, which means he looks for the causes of patients problems.  This is primarily done with blood work and/or chiropractic analysis.  Then his recommendations typically involve eating specific foods, taking nutritional supplements and herbs, and/or chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Fitzgerald has done a nutritional analysis on thousands of patients. This information was used to create specific superfood mixes and recipes.  This is an aspect that makes My Nutrition Advisor so special, it was originally developed from the experience of seeing thousands of patients using nutritional medicine over a 20-year span.

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get to know me

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes.  I read blood work for patients all over the country.  For Chiropractic, patients must come see me in Las Vegas.

What are the books you have authored?

Fat Loss The Truth, Nutrition Hacks The Truth, and Superfood Smoothie Recipe book (co-authored with Matt Fitzgerald)

Who are some of the well-known patients you have seen?

I was well-known for working with UFC fighters.  A list of 100 well-known people is on my private practice website.

Are you still teaching seminars?

Yes.  However, I am now focusing on getting easy to use information to health care providers and patients by providing effective, real food nutritional protocols for many different health conditions.  This is something that Matt and I have really focused on because we see a need, which means that we can help a large number of people with the My Nutrition Advisor website.

What did you do for Zyto?

I was the first person to author bio surveys for ZYTO corp. based on relating the findings to blood work.

What is the best way to contact you to become a patient?

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