Julie Fitzgerald, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse in the Women’s Center of a hospital

Julie Fitzgerald, BSN, RN

About Julie Fitzgerald, BSN, RN:

When I am at the hospital, I am the nurse that goes to deliveries. There is a nurse for the mother and a nurse for the baby. I have the job as the “baby catcher”. I do all the care for the baby and then educate the new mother on how to take care of their newborn. I also help the new mother with breast feeding.

I have worked with my husband, Dr. John Fitzgerald in his offices since 1995. I have managed the offices and done quite a bit of weight loss counseling in his programs. Currently, I help him with his private practice (www.drjohnfitzgerald.com)

With My Nutrition Advisor, I helped with many of the recipes and also many of the pictures. I provide input on many of the women’s concerns, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight loss after pregnancy.

John and I started juicing together in 1991, when his dad got cancer. Then John developed ways to incorporate superfoods into our patients’ diets with smoothies. I have helped with the whole process for the last 25 years.

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What do you most enjoy about being a nurse?

I really like being right there when babies are born. I absolutely love handing the new born baby to mommy and seeing the magical interaction. It is truly a special moment.

What are some of the most memorable patients that you have had?

When I think back to 1995, when John and I opened our first office, there have been so many patients that stand out in my mind. So many people who have been helped with diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, weight loss. We used to have patients that would hear John on the radio and drive up to 8 hours away because they wanted a blood work analysis. (Now it is not necessary with the internet). We had a patient with scleroderma, whose skin was stretched so tight that she could barely move. Very painful. We did a blood analysis and recommendation and every month when she came in you could see the improvements. It was incredible to witness.

How did you get started recommending superfood smoothies to patients?

I still remember when John was trying to get patients to start juicing. We didn’t have success with patient follow through. So we came up with a plan to start teaching patients how to make really healthy smoothies. This was before the internet took off, so there wasn’t much information available. We spent so much time, trial and error, making recipes to incorporate specific fruits, vegetables and superfoods into the smoothies. When we started teaching patients how to make smoothies, the results were truly life changing.

What go you started with nutrition?

John’s father was diagnosed with cancer. John was in college and started looking into ways to help him. John started going to seminars, listening to speakers, meeting with doctors who specialize in nutrition etc. I went with him to most of these events. I remember one of our first encounters was going to see Jay “Juiceman” Kordich around 1991. This got us started heavily into using food as medicine. A few years ago, Jay and his wife Linda, were in Las Vegas and took us out to eat. They said that it really makes them feel good when they see doctors and nurses who were influenced by Jay, carry the torch, so to speak.

What would you like to add?

It really comes down to this. The largest influence you can directly have on your health is what you eat. We just want to make it really easy for people to fix their health problems and stay healthy by eating the right foods. If it tastes great and is easy to make, why wouldn’t you want to do it?

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