Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.R.T.S., C.A.C.

America's Foremost "Get Energized' Coach," Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.R.T.S., C.A.C.

About Stacey Hall, L.S.H., C.N.T.C., C.R.T.S., C.A.C.:

Stacey designs Strategic Wellness Solutions … She supports people in transforming from being search lights into powerful lighthouses of success by providing coaching, products and tools to love your life more fully, make money more quickly, feel in control more completely, improve relationships more deeply, and experience more joy and success by achieving your goals with greater velocity and ease!

“I had to change my life in order to live! And, I help you do the same!!”

Stacey is the author of 4 #1 best-selling books, including ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All’.

Stacey is also a Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, a Certified Aromatherapy Coach, and a Certified Natural Therapies Coach, and Licensed and Certified Nia Technique Instructor – Brown Belt rank.

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get to know me

Why do you recommend MNA Superfood Smoothies?

I have spent years getting to know the motivations of Dr. John Fitzgerald and Matt Fitzgerald and I believe their commitment to helping others enhance their wellness is authentic and has deep personal roots. As a result, I know that they will always ensure the ingredients in these superfood mixes will be of the highest quality.

I also love how easy they have made it to use these products. The hours of recipe testing to ensure the recipes taste like the delicious titles … the dedication to blending the ingredients for maximum nutrition and satisfaction … have made it so simple for everyone to enjoy the wellness benefits of these luscious mixes.

What is your greatest success story helping another person get healthy?

For more than 20 years, I have daily been helping my clients to change their lives in positive ways so they can live more fully. I feel that each one of these stories is as great as every other one. I have provided tips that have helped people repair broken relationships or release damaging relationships from their lives in order to relieve mental and emotional stress … the leading cause of disease. I have supported all of my clients to leave behind limiting beliefs and fears which block their success in enhancing their wellness and practice new approaches to living in possibilities.

And everyone I have introduced to the nutritional support of the My Nutrition Advisor’s superfood mixes have experienced the benefits to their well-being.

What are your credentials?

I am a Licensed Spiritual Healing Coach through the Federation of Spiritual Healers Licensing Board, a Certified Natural Therapies Coach and Aromatherapy Coach through the Natural Therapies Certification Board, a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist through the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, a Licensed and Certified Nia Technique Instructor – Brown Belt through

I am also a 4x #1 Best-Selling Author. The community of raving fans for my book, ‘Chi-To-Be!’ made the Chi-To-Be! Coaching Certification Program a top 5 finalist in the 2015 WEGO Health Awards. Receive free wellness tips – and to learn more about the Chi-To-Be! Coaching Certification Program — at

What is your passion?

I am enthusiastic about providing tips and resources which save the lives of people who are stretched to the snapping point!

Who do you admire the most and why?

I admire everyone who chooses to make changes in their life and is committed to moving from seeding to sprouting to blooming towards their goal. Considering it takes 66 – 180 days to create new neuropathways (new belief systems), this is a HUGE commitment.

What type of physical activities do you participate in and why?

I have been practicing the Nia Technique of fusion fitness for more than 20 years…which is amazing because I get bored easily with other types of group exercise classes. I love to walk and hike with my husband and two pups, and I have recently begun learning Medical Qigong practices.

What advice would you give to someone going through Anxiety?

First, be gentle with yourself. And, then be honest with yourself.

Usually anxiety is produced by feelings of not being good enough to succeed at a goal…or feeling like we should be doing something we really don’t want to do.

To stop ‘shoulding’ on yourself, I invite you to watch my TEDx presentation at

For coping with feelings of not being good enough – I encourage you to follow the advice of Zig Ziglar: “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at the beginning. Because if you are not willing to do it poorly, then you are not committed enough to go through the stages required to reach mastery.”

I have followed Zig’s advice myself and found that if I choose to play, explore and discover anything I begin, I have much more fun. And, I also do my best to ask for advice from people who have more experience than I do to help me get over the challenges and blocks I put on my own path.

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