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World Kickboxing Champion | Professional Kickboxing Coach


About Tim "Bring the Pain" Lane:

Tim Lane is a world kickboxing champion and kickboxing coach to professional boxers and mixed martial arts athletes.

Having started competing in martial arts in 1978, Tim retired in 2006 after achieving his life long goal of becoming World Champion. After retiring, Tim has continued to stay in martial arts as instructor and coach for children and adults, now living in Las Vegas and training at Xtreme Couture MMA.

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What does 44 year old World Champion Tim Lane eat?

This is how I eat "in season" when I am training a couple times per day.   My name is Tim Lane.  I am a...
September 26, 2016
Tim "Bring the Pain" Lane

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Why do you recommend Superfood Smoothies?

I recommend superfoods smoothies because it is a delicious and simple way to get all the nutrients and energy you need to make everyday a great day!

What is your passion?

My Passion is to pass on knowledge to my family and students that will help them feel good!

What advice would you give to someone who is considering making positive changes to their diet, exercise regiment, or lifestyle in general?

You are in the right spot right now! This website is the true fountain of youth and no matter how you feel right now I promise you if you follow the directions that Dr. John has on this site, your life will be more fulfilling and you will feel great!!

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