Fat Loss the Truth seminar at Get Your Fire Back conference

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Dr. Fitzgerald was a guest speaker for Catherine Hickland’s seminar retreat in Las Vegas called “Get Your Fire Back”.



Who is Catherine Hickland?

She is currently married to Todd Fisher (Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher’s son and brother of Carrie Fisher, princess Leah of Star Wars).

She was formerly married to David Hasselhoff of Knight Rider and Baywatch.

Catherine has been a successful actress for many years staring on The Bold and the Beautiful, The City and One Life to Live.  She currently has a hypnosis show that she performs across the United States.


Below is a portion of the video seminar by Dr. John Fitzgerald

There is so much confusion on weight loss.  There are so many diets out there that it creates a lot of confusion and misinformation.

At this seminar, I cover the one common element that is required with any fat loss diet and how every single diet works if you do this one step.

I also cover the important step of finding a diet you can actually stick with.  Almost all diets and fat loss plans are short term solutions to a long term problem.

You will learn steps to lose fat that you can start immediately.


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