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let’s say you have a patient with circulation problems you want to give them targeted foods in targeted recipes

specifically for the circulatory system start by clicking the health goals at the top of the page we have over 50

different health goals to choose from select circulatory system this takes you to a page that is all about the best

foods and recipes for the circulatory system scroll down to the section titled recommended foods you can scroll through

these or just click view all to see them


all at once there are over 41 foods listed that score high for the circulatory system you can see that beat score 100 points

cranberries scored 98 points tumeric scores 96 points and so on click on beats and we give you a high-level

summary on white beat score 100 points for the circulatory system the high


nitrate co ntent is responsible forVeysel protective effects beats can reduce blood pressure beat significantly reduce LDL cholesterol and increase the

good cholesterol we then provide you with links to the PubMed studies that support this summary for example there

are two human studies and two lab studies when you click on one of these


studies it takes you to the pubmed article all of the research points the pubmed if you aren’t familiar with PubMed you need to be PubMed is the

government-run curator of real biomedical research it ensures your advice is actually supported by research and not just some hearsay and a total

evidence that could get you into trouble click on cacao powder there are four human studies and three academic reviews

that link the benefits of cacao to the circulatory system if you’re making a healthy smoothie that’s great but wouldn’t it be quite a bit better if you

would use targeted foods that directly help the cardiovascular or the circulatory system we take it one step farther we have recipes below the

recommended foods that use the recommended foods so you can give your patient a smoothie that as those recommended foods in them now


you’ve taken your smoothie recipe and you’ve targeted it directly for the circulatory system there are over 36 recipes that scored well for the

cardiovascular system the score is calculated based on the scores of the individual ingredients being used and how much of the ingredient is being used

in the recipe you can see that breast cancer T scores 100 points UTI cranberry-orange scores 91 points and so on so when you have a patient with

circulatory problems cardiovascular problems you can choose one of these recipes it’s directly targeting those problems with the smoothie recipes so

when I have a patient with cardiovascular problems I spend three to five minutes with that patient showing them how to use the website and since

the website is free for you to use in your patients to use the patient can go home and look up those recipes absolutely free what I just showed you

is a long way to look up the recipes now I’m going to show you a shortcut click on the recipes section this page has all of our recipes we currently have over a hundred to choose from this is a great filter go ahead and click on circulatory system the recipes now filter to only show you the recipes that score at least 80 points for the circulatory system  let’s say your patient is also dealing with immune system issues you can click on the immune system as well the recipes filter further to show you the recipes that score well for both the circulatory and the immune system another thing I want to point out about the filter is in the ingredients tab in this tab you can select certain ingredients to include or exclude for example let’s say you want


Geeks R Sexy photo op
Geeks R Sexy photo op

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to exclude the recipes with bananas from the search results simply click the minus sign then click bananas and we have now narrowed the list of recipes

down to seven recipes this website took us two years to build and thousands of man-hours so you can quickly look up the targeted foods for your patients and your patients can use a website at home hi welcome to geeks are sexy TV show I’m your host Michelle Davis and my co-host Jenn Benson haha yeah right been so long since you’ve been on the show it’s been a minute it’s been a minute but it feels like the first time Oh every gold picture I kind of feel

vintage today I know I look a lot go some Vint I don’t know what’s happening here they look good on in the 1950s just the glide looking on you’re too sexy


oh it’s very clean so everybody I want to tell you something I am doing a giveaway on my Instagram 702 rocks and I’m actually given away my

nutrition advisor smoothie packet it’s a superfood smoothie packet and if you go and you follow my nutrition advisor and some other products you actually enter a chance to win the giveaway prize so I hadn’t had dr. Fitzgerald dr. John Fitzgerald on the show for a while so I messaged him and it was literally like 10 o’clock at night I was like hey I want to come on the show tomorrow he’s like sure I was like sweet he was like that and so he’s here and he’s got a new protein powder and he’s got new labeling and did you guys see that video about how intensely cool his website is yeah we’re going to talk about how you can get a free sample pack of all of these mixes worth $15 shipped straight to your door with their new courses on their website that’s so geeked out right now I had so much fun I I just did the course it was five courses how about two minutes each course took me like 30 minutes right

okay I was going to say I hope it wasn’t like two hours you’re helping me work on it but uh and it was easy I learned all about what super foods are how they help you why his company was made all about them and why their website is amazing so

John Fitzgerald welcome back to geeks are sexy in a couple years it has been changes around here watching we met back there conditioned room over there oh thanks team so we met way back all LED back in the day also you even came on to geeks are sexy one of my very first shows all night and so now he’s back and we’re now talking about the brand new labeling and everything of my nutrition advisor so let’s first talk about you how you were you’re an all-star Hall of Famer in football back in the day Wow high school yes well I’m not telling that’s pretty cool and Hall of Fame College well we’re just going to a you are just maybe sound like what I believe in 2009 and – and I played in college that’s cool where did you attend college Simpson College and what was your major biochemistry and your spine was really messed up yeah you shouldn’t play football yeah be smaller than everybody else my


good knowledge so your chiropractor worked with you and he taught you a lot of things about life that you actually thought secondly about your major and

what you wanted to do with your career right I what happened was he fixed my neck and I had a lot of pain down my arms I’m going away so I decided I want to be a chiropractor so I transferred and then I already had you know I was already heavy into nutrition from about chemistry degree my dad got cancer and then I went full bore into cancer therapies and all this stuff or the Gerson Therapy and just went out with nutrition so when I became a


chiropractor I was already taking outside nutrition classes so I became very good at that and got certified at something called functional medicine and

I’ve taught that for years to other doctors so I’ve pretty well known for nutrition stuff that’s where this all came from that he had his own radio show

for five years talking about nutrition that’s incredible and you know the superfood keyword is really big nowadays and everybody’s talking about how you

can almost treat you know cancer and diseases with lutely so you put in your body sometimes it can be that you know basic so and we’ve all we’re kind of

learning it for the first time cancer sections on the website okay for breast cancer and all a bunch of different types of cancer and I show the

research on which foods are the most effective for you to eat if you have cancer if the tool to use if I have this condition I can eat these foods your


doctor should tell you the foods but the site was built for doctors but anybody can go on it so a few bravely say okay you have gout here’s the foods you eat you should eat your smoothie recipes with those foods in let’s talk about Matt Fitzgerald your cousin and how you guys created my nutrition advisor 2011 he needs some help kind of with meal prepping and losing a little bit of weight and you helped him so much that you guys wanted to kind of Co partner together and boom this was what you get right here yeah that’s it so what happened was he played soccer and college and then got a desk job and


Accenture was a consultant gained some weight and said hey what can I do and I would give people targeted smoothie recipes so they wouldn’t follow him no they would never file and then we’re trying to give them meal plans then follow follow them you know if you’re in a contest mode like you are people

follow me when I did all of this I’m pretty well-known because I gave nutrition plans to the UFC fighters and I did have for years that I have


probably several hundred and leads for professionals so they follow up but regular people don’t fall they’re in training mode right this right here it

specializes in creating the highest quality superfood mixes which I want to play a video about the certification that you guys went through before we do

give out your social media contacts in case anyone wants to follow you okay Facebook is my nutrition advisor just of that and I don’t know what the other


ones are because I never go on Twitter and I’m on tater ambigram mine interested by a nutritionist but if you go to my nutrition advisor com they have

this course that you can take and it’s five small little videos you take a quiz at each one super easy people and then you get free voucher to basically get

four sample packets of each of these super foods it’s so fun and they ship it to you for free and it’s at my nutrition advisor calm yeah you’ll make eight

you’ll have it stuff to make eight smoothies with what would say that’s great so so watching this video and it’s going to emphasize exactly the process

they went through to make sure that this is the most organic healthiest certified superfood mix for you check it out we’re going to take a couple minutes and go through the certified quality of the my nutrition advisor superfood and smoothie protein products certifications for powders are very important


what powders are is they are dehydrated concentrated food for instance if you take 30 pounds of wheatgrass and you

dehydrate it it condenses down to one pound of dehydrated powder we are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture don’t be

fooled if a company says organic or made with organic ingredients it only has to be 70% organic this means that 30 percent of the product can be full of

pesticides that’s why we want a product that certified organic like what my nutrition advisor has there are many companies that make up their own badges


and make up their own certifications the badges you need to look for is saying USDA certified organic that means that you’re buying an organic product if you buy one of these made up badges your product may only be 70% organic and that means is still full of pesticides we are non-gmo verified by the non-gmo verified project that means our products do not contain genetically modified foods don’t be fooled with the non-gmo verified batch if it does not have that badge it really doesn’t mean anything a lot of companies make up their own badges but there’s no independent verification and when we go to buy product a lot of companies will try to sell products that say non-gmo but clearly about a third of those products cannot pass the certification so if it does not have the non-gmo badge don’t buy it we are manufactured in FDA registered facilities we also have the sqf certification and the HACCP certification our product is gluten-free tested to be gluten free you need to be under 20 parts per million our product routinely tests below five parts per million one other thing to note about gluten free wheat grass can be very confusing because of the name but the wheat grass does not contain gluten our


products are third-party heavy metal tested this includes arsenic cadmium mercury and lead we test very good showing we do not contain heavy metals

we also do not contain soy or dairy and/or third-party tested for this some other claims we make is we are raw that means our products are dehydrated at low temperatures this means that it maintains the enzymes which keeps the enzymes alive in our product very valuable we’re also vegan we don’t use animal products and our super foods or our protein our product does not contain added sugar it is simply superfoods

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