High carb, Low fat diets..Good or Bad?

The High carb, low fat diet doesn’t have a lot of evidence to show that it is beneficial for weight loss.

The High carb, low fat diet was was popular through the 1990s.

There are two main reasons that low-fat high-carb diets are not as popular as they once were.

First, high-carb diets are now listed as one of the worst things for health due to the fact they cause heart disease.

Second,eating a lot of carbs doesn’t really help your blood sugar.  It’s not good to be eating a lot of carbs because this can raise your blood sugar.


Scientists analyzed data from three major clinical studies. Each study tested different types of effects on different types of diets for blood sugar and weight.

This is the important part: All three clinical studies said that low-carb, low-fat, or high-fiber would each help people lose weight.

Here is what you should take from this advice:

If you wanted to have success in your diet, then you would have to make sure that your diet controls blood sugar, insulin levels, fiber content, and whole-grain levels.

It’s good for your health to eat food that is whole, unprocessed, and high in fiber.

To have a healthy diet, you should avoid junk food to get the best results. It’s important to pick a healthy diet because losing five to 10 percent of body weight can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases today.

In 2012, 29 million Americans were said to have diabetes and on top of that, another 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed annually. This is why you should really consider going on a diet and being more active to prevent this from happening.

It’s also great to know that weight loss can prevent type 2 diabetes, but preventing disease isn’t the only thing that diets are good for. Diets can also keep your body healthier but also can give you the path to help you get in better physical shape.


The fat loss plan that we recommend is called the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet combined with intermittent fasting.  For more information on how to do it, read this article: My Experience doing the Daily Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

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