Hydrochloric Acid Dosing Instructions

This test should be done with a normal to large sized meal.  Don’t use this protocol on a snack sized meal.


Begin with one capsule of a Hydrocholoric Acid product per meal per day.

(The Hydrochloric Acid products I use are Betaine-HP and Hydro-Zyme)

(1 Betaine-HP = 4 Hydro-Zyme)

The instructions below are for a person who starts with the Hydro-Zyme product.

Increase by 1 capsule per meal per day until a feeling of warmth or burning occurs (heartburn), within 5 minutes of ingesting the supplement.  You can stop the burning with a ½ tsp of backing soda mixed in water.

The last dosage that was comfortable will be your meal dose.  Smaller meals may require a smaller dosage.

** It is important to take the capsule in the middle of the meal.



Day 1  –  1 per meal

Day 2  –  2 per meal

Day 3  –  3 per meal

Day 4  –  4 per meal

ie:  If burning or warming occurs at 4, then your dose is 3 per meal.



While finding proper dosage:

  • If burning occurs ½ hour or more after the meal, then you HAVEN’T TAKEN ENOUGH ACID
  • If burning occurs within 5 minutes of ingesting the acid, then you have TAKEN TOO MUCH.
  • Some people don’t feel a burning or warming sensation,but may rather have pressure in the esophageal area,or uncontrollable belching.  Any of these symptoms are indicators of low stomach acid.

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