The Immune System, Yeast, Hydrochloric Acid and Your Thyroid

The immune system has a couple mechanisms to kill microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungus etc.  The main mechanisms are cytokines and T-cells.


Cytokines Kill Microorganisms

The body produces cytokines that cause fevers, diarrhea, pain, runny nose etc.  These reactions are used to kill microorganisms.  For instance, the body creates fever to raise the temperature to kill invaders like bacteria and viruses.  Cytokines are powerful, so their production needs to be brief and within a certain limit.

Side note: When a cytokine malfunction occurs, cytokines can attack normal tissue.  An example would be when someone has Ebola; cytokines attack the blood vessel walls, which causes internal bleeding and may result in death.


T-cells Kill Microorganisms

The body produces T-cells, which are on the front line doing combat with microorganisms.

Once T-cells kill off enough microorganisms, cytokine production stops.

If you have weak T-cells, cytokine production is prolonged and excessive.  This is bad.

For normal T-cell function, one must have adequate thyroid function and adequate hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.  Both of these are lacking in the very young and very old, which is why the old and young are the ones most likely to die from sepsis, viral infections, pneumonia and food poisoning.

There is a bad reaction that takes place when someone has low thyroid function and/or low hydrochloric acid production.  The person will have “weak” T-cells, which means they are not effective at fighting incoming microorganisms.  If the person is under attack for a prolonged period, they will have excessive cytokine production.  This can cause many problems including auto-immune issues.


Low Stomach Acid Causes Yeast Overgrowth

A low hydrochloric acid level allows yeast overgrowth because this low hydrochloric acid level weakens T-cells.

What does a low level of hydrochloric acid mean for children?

Low hydrochloric acid levels cause children to have more ear, nose and throat infections.  It can also cause asthma and skin issues like eczema.

When someone presents with food allergies or sensitivities, the first thing to suspect is low hydrochloric acid levels.

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