Almond Butter

About Almond Butter

Peanut butter is made primarily from either ground raw almonds or ground roasted almonds.  Some common additives are salt, oils, sugar, and emulsifiers (those make almond butter consistent).  “Natural Almond Butter” is typically just ground dry roasted almonds.

Nutrition Benefits of Almond Butter

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  They are also a good source of protein and fiber while low in sugar.

Almond butter is an alternative to peanut butter for a few reasons: 1.) many people have peanut allergies  2.) Almond butter contains more fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, and manganese, with 1/2 the amount of saturated fat.

Almond butter gets recommended a lot because of the high “healthy fats”, high protein, and good source of fiber … it really helps keep you full.

Smoothie Tips

You can replace almond butter with other nut butters of your choice.  You can also use raw nuts and let the blender to the work.

Nutrition Facts

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