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Grass-Fed Butter vs. Ghee vs. Regular Butter

Regular butter comes from grain-fed cows.

Grass-Fed Butter has 5 times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than regular butter, which is the primary reason why grass-fed butter recommended. (there are other reasons why grass-fed butter is better for you, but the biggest reason is the CLA) CLA is a fatty acid known for helping with weight loss (reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass), anticancer, muscle & bone-building, and more.

Ghee is made from butter. You essentially remove the proteins and lactose out of butter. Ghee has a nuttier flavor than butter. There are a few reasons why many people prefer Ghee to butter?
*A higher percentage of the fat in ghee comes from medium and short chain fatty acids (vs. long chain)
*Ghee does not contain lactose or casein (which are common food sensitivities or allergens).
*Ghee also has a higher smoke point than regular butter. When you cook and reach a smoke point, free radicals start being formed, which are bad.

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