Hulled Hemp Seeds (aka Hemp Hearts)

About Hulled Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts)

Hemp Hearts are just the seeds from the marijuana plants without their shells.  They are legal in the United States because ones the seeds are de-shelled, they cannot be grown into actual marijuana plants.  The amount of THC found in hemp hearts is negligible – you would have to eat bags of it to test positive on a drug test.  Even still, the military has banned their soldiers from eating hemp hearts.

Nutrition Benefits of Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts are widely recognized as a superfood.  They are a rare source of plant based protein that has a complete amino acid profile.  They are also filled with Omega 3 fatty acids.  They also contain high amounts of an amino acid called, “Arginine” which is used by the body to produce Nitric Oxide – which has been linked to benefits related to blood pressure, energy, and endurance.  Some studies have also linked hemp hearts as an anti-inflammatory.

Nutrition Facts

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Recipes using Hulled Hemp Seeds (aka Hemp Hearts)

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