Okra (raw)

Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Okra

About Okra

Okra originated in either Southern Asia, Ethiopia, or West Africa.  Okra was introduced into the Americas through the Atlantic slave trade in the 1700’s.  Another common name for okra is, “lady’s fingers”.  Okra is a key component in making Gumbo (a stew that originated in Southern Louisiana).

Nutrition Benefits of Okra

Okra has high contents of fiber, vitamin C, and folate with good amounts of calcium and potassium.  It is also filled with antioxidants.  Okra has recently been suggested to help manage blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.  Other benefits that have been linked to Okra are anti-stress, cholesterol lowering, and anti-fatigue.

Nutrition Facts

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Recipes using Okra (raw)

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