Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Peaches

About Peaches

Peaches are native to NW China and have been cultivated since 2000 BC.  Peaches were then grown in Persia and brought to Europe by Alexander the Great after he conquered the Persians.  Over 50% of the worlds peaches are produced in China.

Nutrition Benefits of Peaches

Peaches are rich in carotenoids.  The peels contain a significant amount of these antioxidants.  Because of the carotenoids – they are often known for eye health.  Vitamin C levels have various benefits including anti-aging and skin health.

Smoothie Tip

We typically buy frozen peaches to be used in smoothies.  They are cheaper and last a very long time.

If you use fresh peaches, be sure to remove the pit.  Blenders do not do very well with peach pits!

Nutrition Facts

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Peaches scores well for 2 health goals

This ingredient was scored for various health goals Learn more.

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Recipe Score:88

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Blood Pressure

Recipe Score:86

The Research

Allergy: Score 88


Inhibits mast cell-derived allergic inflammation.

Animal Studies:

Blood Pressure: Score 86


All help increase the amounts of natural potassium, magnesium, and fiber you take in. Potassium research: They are high in potassium, which helps to naturally reduce your blood pressure.

Human Studies:

How Our Scoring System Works

For each health goal, we assigned a score to each recipe and each ingredient. This helps you better understand the correlation that medical research is suggesting between foods and benefits to various health goals. Our scoring system is based on REAL RESEARCH published on This is a website that curates over 25 million different biomedical journals.



What we consider when creating your scores:

  • 1Type of Study (human, animal, lab, or academic review)
  • 2Amount of Research
  • 3What the Research Says
  • 4How much of the ingredient we use (for the recipes)
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