Sea Salt

Healthy Smoothie Recipes with Sea Salt

About Sea Salt

Sea salt is salt produced from seawater. It goes through very little processing aside from evaporating the the sea water. There are a few different types of salt – like Himalayan (pink), Kosher, Celtic Sea Salt, and others. Himalayan salt comes from Pakistan and is the salt that most people prefer in terms of flavor.

Nutrition Benefits of Sea Salt

The primary difference between Himalayan salts or sea salts vs. table salts is that table salts go through so much processing that almost all their minerals are eliminated. Table salt is reduced to sodium and chloride. Then the mineral iodine is added to help prevent goiters.

There are over 80 essential nutrients that are contained in sea salt. These essential minerals are why health professionals recommend sea salt.

Salt is absolutely critical for your body and is one of your body’s basic elements.

Too much salt can result in various health problems including high blood pressure.

Smoothie Tips

If you have high blood pressure or your sodium levels are high, consider skipping adding this ingredient into your smoothie.

Nutrition Facts

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Recipes using Sea Salt

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