“We are a Level 2 Wellness Clinic” – The sign that patients want to see

The sign (above) “We are a Level 2 Wellness Clinic” should be placed in the waiting room so patients can clearly see that you have a Top 1% office.

There needs to be an easy way for patients to determine if they are going to be given advice for nutritional care and if that advice is based on research.

If the advice given is based off research for a specific condition, we call that a Level 2 Wellness Clinic.  Currently, less than 1% of health care providers qualify to be called a Level 2 Wellness Clinic.

The good news is that the My Nutrition Advisor website was set up so that healthcare providers can easily give their patients a list of foods they should be eating for their health problems and recipes that contain these foods.  The whole process takes about 2 minutes for a healthcare provider, yet provides a tremendous benefit to the patient.

There are around 2% of clinics nationwide that offer some general nutrition advice.  We call those Level 1 Clinics.

97% of healthcare clinics off no nutritional advice.


So, why is giving researched nutritional advice so important?

Let’s say a patient has high blood pressure.  The doctor will likely prescribe medication.  This medication will likely have a benefit, but it will also likely have many, many side effects.  Let’s say that the patient is prescribed 3 medications and those medications have the potential of 100 side effects.  Whereas, the food recommendations will rarely ever have any side effects.

Now, the doctor goes to this page on My Nutrition Advisor called Blood Pressure (link here).

The Blood Pressure page lists the 33 foods that positively influence blood pressure and are linked to the research on Pubmed.  The page also contains 53 easy to make smoothie recipes that contain the beneficial foods in them.

The doctor or staff member, simply shows the patient this page and emails the patient the link to the page. The process took about 2 minutes and now the patient will be able to eat the researched foods for blood pressure and may actually lower their blood pressure just by eating these foods.

The doctor has now given the patient another way to help their blood pressure in addition to the medication that was prescribed.  Another good thing about recommending the food and the recipes is that there is not a bunch of side effects associated with eating the foods and there is a ton of research on the foods.


There is an easy way for doctors to become a Level 2 Wellness Clinic.

After the doctor is finished with doing their usual things for the office visit, the doctor will simply say, “We are going to give you a list of foods that you should be eating for high blood pressure, based on the government research site.”

Then the doctor or staff member takes 2 minutes to show the patient the page that relates to the patient’s health problem.  There are currently over 50 health conditions on the My Nutrition Advisor website.  The patient’s email address is entered on the website so they will be sent an email.  Then the patient can take time reading everything over once they get home.


Why not educate patients while they sit in the waiting room?

Patients are bored in a typical waiting room.  Surveys show that over 75% of patients want their doctor to give them nutritional help.  An easy way to do this, in addition to walking the patient through the website, is to play information on a TV in the waiting room.

Here is my office.  The waiting room has a TV and so does the therapy area.

My Nutrition Advisor has a loop with around 3 hours worth of video.  I hook the TV up to YouTube and play the “Office Waiting Room” playlist from My Nutrition Advisor.  This is very easy to do.  I simply stream video from YouTube straight to the TV and restart the playlist every 3 hours.

Patients love the videos and we get lots of sales from the videos.  (Link to video playlist)

(If you want a poster, like the one above, contact me and I will send you the PDF file.  I printed mine at FedEx)


Therapy Area with TV
Therapy Area with TV


Waiting Room with TV
Waiting Room with TV



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