The Liver Cleanse Testimonial Doctor Approved

This is actual blood work from a liver cleanse.  The patient ‘s name is protected.

Background: Patient is a male between 18 – 25 years old.  He was suffering from what he believed to be low testosterone levels.  In his opinion, he was not making fast enough gains in the gym and did not believe that his erections were at 100%.  His activity level included doing cardio exercise 1-2 times per week.  He lifted weights 2-3 times per week.  His diet can best be described as a variety that is different from day to day.  He drinks 1-2 energy drinks per day.  A month previous to the first blood test he started taking “herbal” supplements to boost testosterone.  I looked these supplements up and would classify them as “cheap” low quality, garbage products.


The patient went to his medical doctor who ordered blood work.  The patients liver enzymes came back as highly elevated as you can see on the copies below.  After seeing the blood work, the MD ordered an ultrasound of the liver.  The patient then made an appointment with me and brought in his blood work.  He also brought in the herbal supplements for testosterone he was taking and also the energy drinks he was consuming on a daily basis.


I was unaware that the patient was recommended an ultrasound as the patient did not tell me.  I used reflex testing and applied kinesiology to test him against the herbal supplements and the energy drink.  He tested horribly against these things so I told him to stop them immediately.  Then I made 2 recommendations to detox his liver with this liver cleanse :

  1. Drink 1-2 superfood smoothies each day in place of a meal (recipes here).  Most days he drank 1 smoothie and then he also drank a tablespoon of Ancient Berry mix stirred in coconut water or almond milk at least once per day (sometimes twice per day).
  2. Drink a Superfood Keto Coffee once per day (recipe here).


The blood work was ordered by the patients MD and was taken 3 months apart.  The only strategy that the patient used was my recommendations above.  You can see the amazing results below.

(click to enlarge)

Liver Cleanse Start
Liver Cleanse Start


(click to enlarge)

Liver Cleanse Finish
Liver Cleanse Finish


Follow up:

The patient states that this is the best he has ever felt in his life.  He says he has way more energy and sleeps more deeply than he used to.  He really likes the Keto Superfood Coffee and the smoothies.  His plan is to continue drinking both of them on a regular basis.  He is going to have the keto superfood coffee as his breakfast and then have one superfood smoothie for lunch.






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