Magnesium’s magical 7 Benefits

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in your body.  Not a lot of people understand why magnesium is so important in your body.  Here are a list of seven things that magnesium does for you.


Stop The Potential Of Migraines.

Migraine expert Robert Shapiro said that every year nearly one in five americans experience a type of migraine attack. Also, one in 25 americans will get headaches that can last 15 days per month. When getting these kind of attacks you get can get bad headaches and get sensitive to light and sound. You also can get nausea, nasal congestion, and cloudy thinking. 133 Migraine patients using 500mg of magnesium oxide for 12 weeks which improved frequency of migraines.


Lower Risk Of Heart Disease.

In the journal of Atherosclerosis stated that people with lower magnesium were twice as likely to die from heart disease. Those people are also seven times more likely to die from all of these causes.


Controlling Diabetes.

Low magnesium is common for type 2 diabetics, and people who have neuropathy or coronary disease. A study from harvard stated that diabetics taking 320 mg of magnesium for 16 weeks improved their fasting blood sugar levels and their HDL cholesterol.


Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms.

The University of Texas showed that magnesium malate reduces pain in fibromyalgia patients.


Smaller Risk Of Colon Cancer.

Epidemiologic studies show low magnesium levels and higher rates of colorectal cancer. A meta analysis from china confirms higher magnesium intakes have a lower risk of colorectal cancer and colon cancer.


Produce Stronger Bones.

A study found that your bone density and magnesium levels are linked. The magnesium levels in your bones will also go down the older that you get. So it is important to keep your magnesium up. The more that you have sugar or alcohol, the more that your magnesium will drop through your urine.


Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms Go Down

Metabolic experts gave people magnesium supplements to 47 different people with lower magnesium mineral levels in their bodies and found that in 4 months, it lowered their systolic pressure 2.1 points.    


To get the best results with magnesium, it should be taken on an empty stomach.  Most people take 2-3 capsules before bed.  If you take too much, you will get diarrhea.  That is solved by reducing your dosage.  Here is a popular magnesium supplement recommended by doctors (click here).

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