Navy SEAL Bloody Mary Smoothie

This is an email I received from Dan Schreder.  (He is one of those famous Navy SEALs that started the “SEAL Adventure Race Series“, which is a grueling race in theSmoky Mountains of Tennessee)


Dan tells of his weight loss while doing nothing other than changing out his lunch for a superfood smoothie.

Below is his Navy SEAL Bloody Mary Smoothie recipe.



Email from Dan

John, I just thought I would comment:

Still on product and dig it.

Was about 225 in early January.  Too heavy. Now it is late July and I am 204 and feel good!

I don’t miss my old style of lunch, which was leftover dinner from the night before that would send me back outside with a heavy stomach in the heat with an afternoon’s worth of physical chores still to do.

Other than lunch, no nutritional changes. Still too much beer after a long, hard day of work, lol. Still snack sometimes in eves.

If I was smart enough to stop drinking so much beer and quit snacking in the evenings while sitting in front of the stupid box, hell, I’d be down to 180. ha!

It is amazing how much better I feel and dropped 20+ lbs just by changing my lunch to a Superfood Smoothie. Thanks, bro!

Dan Schreder

Retired Navy SEAL

Owner: Outdoors in the Smokies – SEAL Adventure Race Series, Off-Road Driving Instruction, Firearms Instruction. (website here)




Navy SEAL Bloody Mary Recipe


4 – Tennis/Baseball size tomatoes, quartered

2 – 6” x ¾” carrots (1 cup)

Two tbsp Ancient Greens

Two cups (don’t be shy now, pack it in there) baby spinach

1.5 cups ice

1 inch to 3” whole fresh Jalapeno (have used whole dried cayenne pepper also) (spice to taste) I like heat so I use about 3 inches.


Yields somewhere around 42oz by the looks of it – a bit much, whoops. But this is how I roll. lol

And, yes, I drink it all at one sitting. 😉


Origin: Besides canning for later, lots of folks begin to run out of ideas as to how to creatively and tastefully use their bumper crop of garden tomatoes before they rot on the vine. I decided to put mine to good use. Love the qualities and taste of spinach and it’s hard to go wrong with a touch of carrot. Also have hot peppers in the garden and I like heat, so thought I would throw one in.

Taste: To me, it tastes like a spicy Bloody Mary without all the sodium and who knows what else is in all the spices they use.

Pros: Easy to measure & make. No salt. Hot pepper heat can be varied.

Cons: Some may say very flat/boring on the pallet.



Dr. John Fitzgerald, DC

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