Olympic Athletes Divide Their Plates

I will explain an easy way of dividing your plate to set up your weight loss plan.  This helps you to become more consistent with your results and makes it easier to adjust your weight loss rate.  This is a very common strategy among athletes and is recommended by dietitians at the Olympic training center.

The easiest way to monitor what you are doing and to make adjustments, is to eat the exact same thing every day.  However, that sucks to do and is more of a short-term strategy than a long-term plan.


The Olympic Eating Strategy

Divide your plate into 3 equal parts.

1/3 should be vegetables.  This can be one vegetable or mixed vegetables.

1/3 “carbs” this varies.  It can be potato or rice, or any fruit or a combination

1/3 “protein and fats”. It can be a piece of meat or nuts or beans or a combination


Do not get second helpings.

I learned this from Clarence Bass, author of the Ripped books.  Clarence prepares his dinner and puts the food on his plate.  Then he puts away all the leftovers before he starts eating.  This little trick is very effective at ensuring he won’t get second helpings.

Portion size is important.

You need to get a plate size that is right for you.  If you are not losing weight, it may be because your plate size is too big.

I recommend you eat less meals rather than more.  With that, I like the plan of eating 2 or 3 meals per day.  One of those meals should be a superfood smoothie to ensure you are getting a really high level of nutrition.


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To fully understand what a fat loss day is, I recommend that you read this article:  How to lose weight every 3rd day (click here)

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