I personally ran the Thermography machine to check the breasts


Here is my background with Thermography:

I performed thermography scans for a year, specifically on breasts, for women who wanted more information about potential and underlying problems with their breasts. I operated the thermography machine and then a doctor interpreted the results.

As you can imagine, after a period of time I was able to see the abnormalities on the scan when I was running the machine before the doctor even looked at the scan.


Do I think a thermography scan is the only test that should be done when checking the breasts?


Do I think thermography scans can be useful and potentially show things that may not show up on an x-ray?

Here is my take on thermography. Many times I could see changes on the heat differentials on people with breast problems. I think it is a nice tool because it is non-invasive and can easily be used in conjunction with other tests. I also think it can give some insight on problems that may be occurring with breast implants when the plastic surgeon isn’t sure why someone is having discomfort or is feeling a strange bump.


Nutritional Questions I was asked and my Recommendations:

Would women want to be given nutritional recommendations that can potentially help their breasts?

What were the most common questions from nearly everyone who got a thermography scan?
1. What can I eat to prevent breast cancer?
2. What can I eat to help stop the breast cancer from coming back?
3. What can I eat that helps my hormones?
Here are links to the superfood smoothie recipes that I recommend for the breasts.


The reason that I chose these recipes are because they have the following superfoods:

Beets, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Ginger, Goji Berries, Pomegranate, Reishi Mushrooms, Wheat Grass

If you want to know more about these superfoods click here


Lastly, why did I change jobs? I wanted to work with babies. I moved on to a position in the nursery of the busiest birthing department in Nevada, in a hospital in Las Vegas. I go to deliveries and work with new moms on a daily basis. That is another story in itself for another blog.

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