These Recipes Fixed My Hypothyroid

“My hypothyroid was so bad that I would go to my car and sleep when I had a break at work.  I was a cheerleader for many years including all through high school and for a professional team.  I have had such low energy and weight gain the last few years that I had to give up cheerleading.

Then I met Dr. John Fitzgerald, who is the co-founder of My Nutrition Advisor.  He gave a presentation at Four Seasons Dental Spa to the staff on how to use specific foods in superfood smoothies to fix health problems.

After the presentation I started to make one of the thyroid smoothies for breakfast each day.  In one week I had a dramatic change in my energy level.

As a side note, one of the staff members has a liver problem that immediately started to improve when she started drinking the smoothie recipes for the liver.  There were other staff members that started to use the fat loss smoothies and they couldn’t believe how easy they were losing weight”

Thank-you for the help,




These Recipes Fixed My Hypothyroid

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