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Do you Answer Yes to any of these questions?

  • Do you feel tired for no reason?
  • Do you feel anxiety or depressed?
  • Do you get upset easily?
  • Do you crave sugar/salt all the time?
  • Do you tend to be a night person?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  • Do you have feelings of insecurity?
  • Are your eyes sensitive to the sun or lights at night?
  • Are you frequently dizzy when standing up suddenly?
  • Are you commonly feeling stressed?
  • Do you have arthritic tendencies?
  • Do you find yourself commonly worried or fear impending doom?

Why you may need ADHS

The word stress, coined over seventy years ago by Hans Selye, is one word which has become synonymous with the American lifestyle. Americans lead “stressed out” lives as a result of increased daily demands, including job and lifestyle pressures. Dysregulation of the stress system, or a maladaptive neuroendocrine response, has the potential to negatively impact endocrine, metabolic and immune function, leaving patients vulnerable to numerous unwanted health consequences.

Additionally, stress increases the need for many nutrients. An extensive body of research provides significant insights into the benefits of providing targeted nutritional support for healthy adrenal function.

Why your healthcare practitioner recommends ADHS

ADHS®, could be an acronym for Adrenal HyperSecretion. ADHS® is a comprehensive and effective adaptogenic formula, providing selective botanical extracts, with pertinent vitamins and minerals. ADHS® serves to replenish nutrients depleted by the stress response, thereby positively supporting adrenal function. ADHS® is frequently used in combination with other Biotics Research products, including Optimal EFAs®, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Cytozyme PT/HPT™, and/or GlucoBalance®. As always, you can count on Biotics Research Corporation to offer superior nutritional products supplying “The Best of Science and Nature”.

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Stress - Adrenal

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