Our Superfoods are infused with “Love”


“Love” changes everything!!!

Matt Fitzgerald thought I was crazy when I wanted to put the word “Love” on the bottom of the bag. Now, Matt is a fan and sees both the popularity and power of the word “Love”.

When you look at the bottom of the superfood smoothie mixes from My Nutrition Advisor, you will notice there is a picture of a heart with quote about love.


“Love” changes something.  Maybe that something is the frequency or vibrational energy.  Maybe it is on a universal unconscious level.  All I know is that “Love” changes something for the better.

You may be familiar with the experiments where different words were put onto containers holding either water or rice.

When the word used was “Love”, the water displayed beautiful designs when observed under a microscope.  When we first heard about this back in the 1990’s, John Fitzgerald and I would write “Love” on a piece of paper and then tape it to the water container we kept in our refrigerator.

When the word “Love” was applied to rice, the rice stayed healthy and fresh.

On the other hand, when a negative word such as “Hate” was applied, the water displayed ugly sludge patterns. When the word “Hate” was applied to rice, the rice started to rot.

At My Nutrition Advisor, we optimized the power of “Love” by putting famous quotes about “Love” on our packaging.


Here are the 4 quotes and the superfood mix that they are on:

“Do Everything with Love” – Ancient Delight Superfood Mix


Do everything with love
Do everything with love

“Love Conquers All” (by Virgil) – Ancient Greens Superfood Mix


Made with Love Ancient Greens Bottom
Made with Love Ancient Greens Bottom

“Where there is Love there is Life” (by Gandhi) – Ancient Berry Superfood Mix

Ancient Berry Bottom
“Love is the greatest refreshment in Life” (by Picasso) – Ancient Chocolate Superfood Mix

Made with Love Ancient Chocolate Bottom
Made with Love Ancient Chocolate Bottom


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