Terry Crews Intermittent Fasting Diet - How It Works



I started my career by opening up a chiropractic office in South Carolina.  But I learned that most of my patients needed so much help beyond just chiropractic work, they needed nutrition and weight loss help.

I spent about 10 years putting patients on just about every diet plan that has existed.  But the only one that actually worked was a high nutrient diet that incorporated intermittent fasting.  It was the plan that not only worked, but people would stay on it long term.  

Intermittent fasting worked so well, that I put together an instruction manual to give to my patients to teach them the benefits of intermittent fasting and how to successfully implement it. 

This manual was later published as my first book called, “Fat Loss The Truth”.

Around this time, I started making a lot of connections with professional athletes in the UFC (cage fighting).  Like wrestling, weight cutting is common in this sport.  While these are some of the best athletes in the world, most had terrible nutrition and diets that were causing complete burn out.  This was a huge problem I knew I could solve.

I sold my clinic in South Carolina and moved to Las Vegas to work with the UFC professional club, “Xtreme Couture”.  

Xtreme Couture is owned by Randy Couture, one of the most famous UFC fighters who has ever existed (and now also a movie star).  Randy was a patient of mine while he was fighting and followed my intermittent fasting program (e.g. Fat Loss The Truth).

Years later, a friend of mine sent me these pictures of an interview that Terry did with Muscle & Fitness Magazine:

Terry Crews Fasting Diet Interview
Terry Crews Intermittent Fasting Diet - Interview

“I read a lot of books on intermittent fasting … you know who actually turned me on to it was Randy Couture.  Randy blew my mind.  He was like, “Hey, man.  I’m doing this intermittent fasting thing.”

Ok, I might be a little sour that Randy didn’t refer Terry Crews to me :), but it was also great to see another famous person having huge success with intermittent fasting and telling others about it.

What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is essentially skipping 1 meal per day.  Consuming all of your calories for the day within a 6-8 hour window. 

Many people skip breakfast, eat lunch at noon, and eat dinner at 6pm.  That routine means you have eating all your calories within a 6-hour window and would be fasting for the other 18 hours.  

It’s really not difficult to follow at all, but it can take ~2 weeks for your body to adjust to it.  You just need to adjust your window to whatever will work best with your schedule.

For example, Terry Crews eats all of his calories within an 8-hour window: from 2pm – 10pm.  This means Terry is fasting for 16 hours per day.

What Are The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting?

There are a lot of Benefits to intermittent fasting.  I’m only going to cover a couple …

1. Intermittent Fasting Is Great For Fat Loss:

People who do not fast will typically get all their energy from the food they eat.  And we typically are eating a lot of carbs.  Our metabolism prefers carbs as its energy source above all other sources (e.g. fat and protein). 

Have you ever felt “hangry”?  Do you feel your energy levels drop when you are hungry?  Here’s what’s happening … your body is so used to getting its energy from carbs, that if you don’t have a bunch of food in your belly, then your metabolism gets really angry at you.  That causes the hangry feeling.  Your metabolism is so used to getting its energy from food, that it is no longer efficient at converting your own stored fat for energy.  Because of this, your energy levels will drop when you’re hungy.

But your body shouldn’t act that way.  Most of us have plenty of stored fat that our metabolism should easily switch to for energy when our belly’s are empty.  We need to retrain your metabolism that when your belly is empty, there is a perfectly good source of energy for it to use: your stored fat.

Once your metabolim is trained to use your stored fat for energy, you will no longer feel “hangry” … you will no longer experience energy losses when your belly is empty.  This is a great state to be in and this state is called being “fat adapted”.  You are fat adapted when your metabolism can easily switch it energy source from your food, to your stored fat.

And this is what intermittent fasting will do and why it is so effective at burning fat.  Each day, your metabolism will switch to burning your stored fat when you are in a fasted state.

When you first start an intermittent fasting program, the first 2 weeks can be difficult … because these 2 weeks will be adjusting your body to become fat adapted.  But once you are fat adapted, intermittent fasting is easy.

2. Intermittent Fasting Is Good For Anti-Aging:

To understand this, it gets pretty scientific.  I’m going to try to keep this basic and if you want to understand details, then you can google more about “telomerase and fasting”.

“Telomerase” is an enzyme that helps protect your genes which helps slow the aging process.

Fasting up-regulates telomerase after 18 hours.  So every time you fast for 18 hours or longer, you are up-regulating your telomerase and slowing down your body’s aging processes.

Once you get good at consuming your calories within a 6-8 hour window, I recommend that 1-2 days per week, you only eat once.  By doing this, there will be a period of 36 hours in which you are fasting … and therefore up-regulating your telomerase.

3. Intermittent Fasting Is Good For The Brain:

In a fasted state, your metabolism will burn your stored fat for energy.  But this type of energy cannot be used by your brain.  Your liver has to convert this to a different type of energy called “Ketones”.  There have been many proven benefits to your brain when it is running on ketones for energy.  I will talk about this more in the next section of this article.

The Ketogenic Diet Was Created to Mimic Fasting

The Ketogenic Diet was created back in the early 1900’s to imitate the effects of fasting.

Fasting has been a known to prevent seizures in epileptic patients for hundreds of years.  When in a fasted state, people don’t have seizures (or get them way less often).  But it’s not like you can tell an epileptic patient never to eat.

So a doctor in the early 1900’s created the Ketogenic Diet to mimic a lot of the same conditions the brain is in when fasting.  The Ketogenic Diet is a high fat diet, low carbs, low protein.  Essentially, when you eat, you eat high fat foods … which means your body’s energy source is going to come from the fat in the food … which gets turned into Ketones for your brain to use.

This diet has recently become very popular again for both weight loss as well as in silicon valley for cognition benefits.  It’s popular in weight loss because high fat foods keep you full longer and train your metabolism to burn fat for energy.  It’s popular in silicon valley because of anecdotal evidence that when your brain is running on ketones, people feel their cognition and memory improves.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan

I have created a separate article that gives 3 different diet plans for Intermittent fasting:

1. Beginners Diet Plan: This plan doesn’t actually incorporate intermittent fasting, but will help your metabolism adjust to burning fat for energy.  It follows a modified version of the ketogenic diet that is much healthier than the standard ketogenic diet.

2. Intermediate Diet Plan: This plan incorporates intermittent fasting and is similar to what Terry Crews does – by eating all your calories within a 6-8 window.

3. Advanced Diet Plan: In this plan, you will also go 1-2 days per week where you only eat once per day.  In this plan, you will be in a fasted state for ~36 hours once or twice per week.  This will give you the great anti-aging benefits that were discussed earlier. 

Click any of the images below to view the article that provides these 3 diet plans:

Additional Resources

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