What are Almonds Good For?

Pretty much everyone knows what almonds are but people generally don’t know what they are good for.

They grow on almond trees that are native to the middle east but are abundant in California.  They are full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids including calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, omega fats, and protein.


Almonds improve cholesterol and the circulatory system

A diet of cholesterol lowering foods, such as nuts, had a beneficial effect of reducing C reactive protein, similar to a statin drug:



There are cholesterol lowering properties with nut enriched diets:



A reduction in coronary heart disease risk factors:



Diabetes numbers improved with almonds

Lipid profiles and glycemic control in people with diabetes improved when eating them.  Eating these nuts with meals also reduces post meal blood sugar levels and A1C levels.  They are also linked to improving metabolic syndrome.  They also reduce insulin resistance.






Polycystic Ovary Disease may be improved with almonds

Eating nuts showed beneficial effects on blood fats and androgens in PCOS.



Help for the liver

They have properties that help protect the liver against cell damage from chemicals.  This was an animal study.



Almonds contain prebiotics

Prebiotics are important for the overall health of your intestines.  Things that may be helped by this are irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.


Smoothie Recipes that contain Almonds

Thyroid Mango Nut Superfood Smoothie recipe (click here)

Thyroid Mango Nut Smoothie
Thyroid Mango Nut Smoothie


Chocolate Almond CappuGreeno Recipe (click here)

Chocolate Almond CappuGreeno
Chocolate Almond CappuGreeno


There are approximately 100 superfood smoothie recipes here (click here)


A study that was published in the European Journal of Nutrition (online), discovered that people who eat nuts reduce their risk of become overweight or obese.  In a five-year study, it was found that the people who ate the most nuts had a 5% lower risk of obesity or becoming overweight.  This showed that nuts are a good food to eat to prevent weight gain.


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