What Are Our Favorite Superfood Smoothie Recipes?


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I would suggest starting by watching the below video, that will walk you through this article.

There are 2 good ways to choose a recipe:

  1. Based on taste.  Make the recipes you enjoy the most.  If you enjoy them, then you are likely to follow it long-term.  This is by far the most important thing of all.
  2. Based on health goals.  Make the recipes that contain the ingredients which may benefit your health goals the most.

Unless you have a pressing health issue, I typically recommend to start by making a recipe that you really like.  Because that is the most important thing.  You need to first enjoy smoothies and then you can get a little more advanced with recipes that target your health goals.

In this article, I will give you some “favorite recipe” lists of different people.  Read a little bit about the person below and pick which person you identify with the best.  Then start off by making their favorite recipes.

If you instead want to make recipes based on your health goals, watch this video to learn how. 

Making a smoothie based on your health goals requires a little bit more knowledge … but don’t worry, our website makes this easy for you.  

You can watch this video as a tutorial on how to use this website to find the best recipes for your health goal.  Or you can always email us for help.

Matt's Favorite Recipes

A little bit about me so you can understand my flavor preference:

  • I like fruity things.  For example: I prefer skittles over M&M’s, I prefer pie over cake, etc.
  • I do not like earthy flavors.  Things that taste like beets or grass are not for me.
  • I like it sweet.  In other words, when the recipe calls for almond milk, I’m using the sweetened, vanilla almond milk.

If you relate to me, then try my favorite recipes listed below …

Also – if you have kids, use my list.  Kids like my favorites.  🙂   (other than the coffee ones).

Matt Fitzgerald

Uses Ancient Greens

This is my favorite recipe and is super simple to make.

It’s very fruity and you can’t really taste the greens (even though there is a lot in here).  Sometimes, I’ll add cranberries and/or banana as well.

Uses Ancient Berry

Dr. John calls this the “sour patch kids recipe” and hates it.  But I love it (and so do  kids). 

If it’s too tart for you, add a little more banana and it’s mellow out the tartness.

Uses Ancient Delight

This tastes almost like a desert.  I love having a 12oz smoothie of this and think adding smoothie protein tastes good in here as well.  Dr. John likes adding dark chocolate chips or Ancient Chocolate to this, but I do not.

It’s really easy to make, too.  

Uses Ancient Delight and Ancient Chocolate

This tastes almost like a desert.  I’m a big fan of this recipe.  This recipe tastes similar to Banana S’mores (which is another one of my favorites).

Uses Ancient Berry

This is another one of my favorites. 

I personally make the Hawaiian Greens more often that this recipe, just because I want to get more greens in my body.  But if you think Hawaiian Greens is too “grassy”, then try this instead!

Uses Ancient Berry

While I do not get Urinary Tract Infections :), this recipe is good for countless other reasons.  And I love the taste.  

The cranberries provides a fruity, tart flavor that I really like.  Overall, I’m a big fan of the flavor of most recipes that use cranberries. 

Uses Ancient Chocolate

This recipe takes more time to make (uses a lot of ingredients), but so worth it.  If you like coffee, this recipe is seriously amazing.  

This is my wife’s #1 favorite recipe.  We trade off between making this and superfood keto coffee for breakfast.  

Uses Ancient Chocolate

This tastes almost like a desert.  I’m a big fan of this recipe.  It tastes really good with the smoothie protein added, as well.

Uses Ancient Berry

This is my workout smoothie.  I use it similar to how many people might use Gatorade.  Whenever I buy watermelon, there is almost way more than my family can eat, so this recipe is great for using up the rest.

Uses Ancient Greens

I like this recipe, but I find it can be difficult to buy good, frozen mangos.  Mangos can sometimes have a weird taste – almost a grassy taste.  But when the mangos are good, I love this recipe!

Uses Ancient Berry

This is definitely our “starter recipe”.  There are no greens, but it’s still super healthy.  I like this myself and like making it for people who really, really eat poorly … as almost everyone likes this recipe.

Uses Ancient Greens

I really like kiwi’s.  I’ll buy a bunch in season, take the skins off, cut them in half, and then freeze them.  This way, I always have Kiwi’s to throw in smoothies.  

Dr. John's Favorite Recipes

A little bit about me so you can understand my flavor preference:

  • I’ve been a healthy eater for over 20 years. 
  • My taste buds are adjusted to healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Smoothies that are too fruity or too sweet are not for me. 
  • I do enjoy dark chocolate, but in general, I prefer recipes that are low sugar with the highest amount of health benefits as possible. 

If you are also a healthy eater who limits their fruits, sugars, and sweets, then try my recipes.

Dr. John Fitzgerald - Co-Founder of My Nutrition Advisor

Uses Ancient Berry

This is was my original cappugreeno recipe that I used to make for the professional athletes that I would council. 

It is high in beets and caffeine and I also add the protein – all of which help improve athletic performance. 

Uses Ancient Berry

This recipe is similar to Energy Cappugreeno, only without the coffee.  

It’s great for blood pressure and a recipe I commonly recommend for people with high blood pressure.

Uses Ancient Berry or Ancient Chocolate

I’ll typically make this recipe using both Ancient Chocolate and Ancient Berry.  

Living in Las Vegas, I’m able to grow mint year round in my back yard and this is a great recipe to use with it.

Uses Ancient Chocolate

I add the dark chocolate chips last and pulse the blender a few times to create chunks of chocolate.  Tastes good and full of magnesium for relaxing the nerves.

Uses Ancient Chocolate, Ancient Delight, or Ancient Greens

Great low sugar recipe that is always good.  Cashews have a calming effect.  I add the dark chocolate chips last and pulse the blender a few times to create chunks of chocolate

Uses Ancient Berry or Ancient Chocolate

Cherries are one of my favorite ingredients.  They help with pain and really taste good.  This is another low sugar recipe that also has ingredients good for blood pressure.

Uses Ancient Berry

A lighter recipe that has a lot of benefits.  Who doesn’t want to look younger?

Uses Ancient Berry

A lighter recipe that really hits the spot in the summer. 

Angie's Favorite Recipes

A little bit about me so you can understand my flavor preference:

  • I prefer chocolate to fruit.  For example: I prefer M&M’s over Skittles, I prefer cake over pie.
  • I do not like earthy flavors.  Things that taste like beets or grass are not for me.
  • I like the “desert like” smoothies the most.
  • I also really like coffee in my smoothie because I like the flavor and like the caffeine.  

If you relate to me, then try my favorite recipes listed below …

Matt Fitzgerald - My Nutrition Advisor

Uses Ancient Chocolate

This is my #1 favorite recipe. I absolutely love it.  I’ll drink it for breakfast or lunch. 

I actually prefer it for lunch so I get a caffeine boost in the middle of the day; especially since I have a regular coffee (or superfood keto coffee) in the morning.

Uses Ancient Delight

This is another cappugreeno that I really like.  

I don’t get to make it all the time, since I don’t always have fresh basil or mint leaves, but when I do, I love making this.  

If you like cinnamon in your coffee, try this!

Uses Ancient Greens

If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream and you also like coffee … you have to try this.  Mandatory.

It’s probably one of the most unique recipes on the website and I believe it’s absolutely perfection.

Uses Ancient Delight and Ancient Chocolate

Ok – just one more cappugreeno recipe and then I’ll move on to others.  🙂  

I make 1 modification to this recipe.  Buy coconut flakes (they are dry) and add them to this recipe.  This recipe is incredible when you do that.

Uses Ancient Chocolate

Such a good recipe in the fall.  I typically add the optional pumpkin spice to bring out the pumpkin flavor any more.

This smoothie looks really gross when you make it (the spinach, peanut butter, and chocolate create quite a nasty color), but it tastes awesome.  

Uses Ancient Greens

I love the taste of basil.  We grow it in our garden in the summer, which is perfect because that’s when this recipe tastes best.

Uses Ancient Berry

This is an awesome summer recipe that I’ll make as a snack (it’s more like a drink – not a meal).  

Use good tasting watermelon, though.  The flavor of the watermelon makes all the difference if this tastes good or not. 

It’s also pretty good if you add coconut rum.  🙂 

Uses Ancient Chocolate

This is a great recipe that both my huband and I like.  It really tastes like Smores … only way healthier for you.

Uses Ancient Delight

I haven’t tried this recipes with all the sprinkles and candle … but this recipe is definitely really good.  

Don’t forget the almond extract.  That really creates the flavor.  I don’t always have summer squash, so I make this recipe a lot without that one in there.

Uses Ancient Chocolate and Ancient Delight

Both my husband and I really like this recipe – so it’s one that we make often.  While I have not tried this one with a chocolate bar in it … I think that sounds like a wonderful idea!  🙂 

Uses Ancient Delight or Ancient Chocolate

I like this recipe a lot.  I typically make with Ancient Delight.  I also like adding the optional ingredients that are listed (which includes the dark chocolate chips).

Uses Ancient Delight

Definitely a classic recipe that we make a lot.  It’s super simple to make, which is helpful.

I will peel bananas and freeze them so I always have them on hand.


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Uncle Jerry

Uncle Jerry lost 70 lbs in 7 months.  It’s been over 2.5 years and he is still going strong!

Uncle Jerry did a smoothie detox his first 4 weeks (only drank superfood smoothies, no food).  After that, he followed the “intermediate option”.

“Not Hungry.  Lost 13lbs in 1 Month.  Increased Energy.  No Low Blood Sugar.”

A testimonial from one of our customers who we met at a nutrition conference in Portland. Her daughter is an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and recommended our smoothies to her mom when the smoothie recipes she was making were spiking her blood sugar and making her hungry.

Jerry was told by his doctor that he was about to go on blood pressure medication if he didn’t change what he was doing.

Matt Fitzgerald (co-founder of My Nutrition Advisor) hired Jerry (owner of a print brokerage firm called Smart Spend Media Inc) to print our smoothie Recipe Book. While Jerry was helping get the recipe book production-ready for print, he started taking the advice of the book and made his first superfood smoothie. In just 6-8 weeks, Jerry lost 25 lbs and lowered his blood pressure. His doctor visit after that went excellent and no blood pressure was prescribed!

Oasis to Zen Spa Owner, Cheri Petroni

“I lost 50 lbs, skin cleared up, and got off anti-depressents, just by using superfood smoothies.”

“These Recipes fixed by Hypothyroid”

“My hypothyroid was so bad that I would go to my car and sleep when I had a break at work. I was a cheerleader for many years including all through high school and for a professional team. I have had such low energy and weight gain the last few years that I had to give up cheer-leading.”


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