Why do Women’s Periods Synchronize?

There is a vibrational frequency in the universe that effects everything.


Doctors have known for many years that a healthy body has a much different frequency than a diseased body.  For instance, a health kidney has a different frequency than a diseased kidney.  In the 1930’s, Dr. Rife developed a machine to detect and fix “bad” frequencies.  His technologies are still being talked about because he cured a lot of people with his methods.

When the rhythm of frequencies aligns with each other, the scientific community calls this entrainment.  Entrainment is basically the synchronization of things to an external rhythm.

This can be better understood by giving some examples and describing how it was discovered.

Several hundred years ago, clocks were driven by pendulums.  These pendulums moved gears for a clock.  A scientist noted that when all clocks were stored in the same area, you could set the pendulums to all oscillate differently.  After a while has gone by, the oscillations of the pendulum would synchronize.

Scientists started to notice that this happened all over nature on completely unrelated things such as fire flies lighting at the same time to women’s menstrual cycles synchronizing.  The question is why do things synchronize when they are in close proximity for a period of time?

We know that scientists such as Tesla, spoke about the great unseen energy in the “ether” that cannot be see, but can be tapped into.  What will be discovered in the future about the unseen vibrational frequencies of the universe?


Homeopathy has believers and non-believers

There are people that say homeopathy just doesn’t make any sense, yet it somehow has been able to help millions of people.

Homeopathy works by changing the vibrational frequency of water and some type of substance.  This example of changing the frequency of water is a type of entrainment and is how homeopathy can be explained.

Next time someone talks about women’s menstrual cycles synchronizing, you can say that it is due to the science of synchronizing vibrational frequencies called entrainment.

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