When you register as a business account,

you are enabled with all three capabilities:


Buy cases of product for 55% off.

Superfoods come in cases of 6.

Smoothie Protein comes in cases of 4.

*Note: We do not offer Biotics Supplements for Wholesale


You’ll get assigned a 5% Off coupon code to give out.  

We also support 60 day cookie tracking via affiliate links.

When a purchase is made after a user clicks your affiliate link OR uses your coupon code, you earn 30% commissions!


Order for your clients through our website and we can ship directly to them.  

Your client saves 5% when you do this and you earn 30% commission.






We have some great resources for you.  Web banners, FAQ’s, Facebook images, etc:


Do you recommend I carry products at wholesale or do the affiliate/dropship option?

We have worked closely with many business accounts and I can tell you what works best: 

Best Way To Do It: Do both.  When you see a patient/client, ask if they want to save 15% with autoship.  If yes, then order for them on our website – where you will earn 30% commission month after month after month.  If they do not want autoship, then sell them the product you have on hand (which you purchased at wholesale for 55% off).

Great Way To Do It: Only stock products.  When you have products on hand, it’s a lot simpler for your clients and they can physically look/touch/feel the product before buying.  People have a lot of success to stock product.

Good Way To Do It: Order online for your patients.  This is a good option if you do not have a physical location.  

Bad Way To Do It: Give your patients your coupon code and tell them to go home and order.  Trust us … this does not work.  They do not order.  You will waste your time if this is your strategy.

How do I order for my clients?

If your client wants to be on autoship, it is very important to place the order for them as if you were them.  Use your own affiliate coupon code during the checkout.  

In other words, you will use their email address, create a password for them, use their payment info, etc.  

DO NOT place the order under your own account and just switch the shipping address.  This will make managing autoship subscriptions a total nightmare for everyone.  Plus, there are software issues relating to having different shipping addresses for autoship orders.

Even if you are ordering for friends and family … if you are ordering autoship, do not place this order under your own account.

Who can register for a business account?

Only businesses and individuals whose primary intent is to promote and sell My Nutrition Advisor to others will be accepted as a business account. Regular customers who are just looking to self-order will not be approved and anyone only using their account for self-ordering will have their account terminated.

How does MNA track commissions?

All affiliates will receive an affiliate coupon code that will give your customers an immediate discount of 5% off their order. Whenever your coupon code is used, that sale counts towards your sales.

We also track commissions through 60 day cookie tracking (also called “affiliate links”).

Explain “Lifetime Commissions”

When a customer places an order that earns an affiliate a commission, that customer is then tied to that affiliate.  Any future orders by that customer will earn the affiliate commission – even if that customer does not click on your links or use an affiliate coupon code in future purchases.

1 exception: customers can get re-assigned to a different affiliate.  A customer will be assigned to the most recent affiliate link they clicked on or the most recent affiliate whose coupon code was used.

This ensures that if you see a client that has purchase from MNA before, you will get that client reassigned to you if they order with your code or by clicking on your link. 

When do I get paid?

My Nutrition Advisor pays affiliates on a monthly basis.

To account for return windows, there is a 1 month delay between when a transaction happens vs. when a transaction is approved.  For example, if a customer orders on May 20th, it would be approved on June 20th – which would be paid out by the 15th of July.

You must have at least $50 in commission banked in order to receive payment. If $50 has not been earned, do not worry … it will continue to be carried over into future months until the minimum has been earned.  

How do I get paid?

We pay directly via direct deposit.  We do this through a 3rd party service called  This service is free for you to receive direct deposits through My Nutrition Advisor.  We will request for you to setup direct deposit after you have earned $50 in commission.  

How do I order for myself?

It is very simple. After your account has been adjusted to be a business account, when you login the system will recognize you as a business account and give you an immediate 30% discount off your order.  During checkout, you will required to use your own affiliate coupon code.

Are commission % based on MSRP, Wholesale, or Sale Price?

Commission is paid based on the sale price of the products. You do not earn commission on sales taxes or shipping charges. For example: Your client orders Ancient Delight for $34.99 less the 5% off discount code they use during checkout and also pay $5.95 in shipping costs. The commissionable amount would be $33.20 (which is $34.99 less the 5% discount).

Do I ever lose my ability to be an affiliate?

My Nutrition Advisor reserves the right to discontinue your rights as an affiliate at any time.This will typically happen for abusive behavior, misrepresentation of our products or brand, or any indication that you are acting unethically.  The next section of this page will go through the most common scenarios that could get your account taken away.

We may also discontinue your account if you haven’t been paid out a commission in over 6 consecutive months.

Do I have access to any reporting of my sales?

Yes. We purchased an affiliate solution from Post Affiliate Pro that will give you online access to your sales, your sub-affiliate’s sales, etc.

This solution is integrated directly into our website to give you real time reporting.

Can I “sign up” other business accounts?

While we would love your referrals, we are not a multi-level marketing company.

We do work with a select number of individuals that we call “brokers” who help us with finding new business accounts.  Brokers are independent contractors who we feel have the ability to acquire at least 10 new business accounts. 

If you are interested in becoming a broker, call or email us.

What if the customer clicks on multiple affiliate links before making a purchase?

Only the latest affiliate will earn commission.  E.g. if the customer clicked on 4 different affiliate links in the month, the last link to be clicked on will earn commission.

If an affiliate coupon code is used during checkout, that will trump any affiliate links that may have been clicked.  

Do I have to purchase products myself in order to be an affiliate?


Terms and Conditions:

Here are a few items from our Terms and Conditions to be aware of:

  • No targeting discount keywords such as ‘My Nutrition Advisor promo code’.
  • No bidding on My Nutrition Advisor  keywords on Bing, Yahoo, Google, or any other advertising platform.
  • No spam.
  • No google ads promotions.
  • No direct linking with payment links.
  • Never use any images or videos that you do not own. You are forbidden from using any imagery that would imply any endorsement without the written consent from the appropriate parties.
  • You may not create webpages, social media pages, or accounts that falsely represent you as the creator or owner of My Nutrition Advisor.
  • You may not bypass My Nutrition Advisor pages to generate orders.In other words, no direct linking to cart or order forms from any ads or landing pages. The customer must see our offer as presented by us prior to landing in the cart.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue your account for any reason, but the above points are the most common reasons for getting banned.
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